Seattle Age group Open



Seattle Age Group Open


          Colman pool played host for this year’s Age Group Seattle Open. Colman is one of the most (if not the most) picturesque pools in the world. It lies on the beach of Lincoln Park, staring out onto Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. 

          The first two days of the meet were glorious sunshine, a postcard experience, and the type of day that Seattle transplants dreamt of in their migration to the northwest. The 3rd day unfortunately was a polar opposite as we experience weather that Noah’s Ark was designed for. 

          The weather had an impact on some of the swimmer’s performances as well. We swam lights out on Friday and Saturday, but Sunday we were a little more “hit and miss”. Still, congratulations need to go out to Elisa Fang (10). Not only did she swim 100% best times, she also managed to break a 16 year old Bellevue Club record in the 50 lcm Back (36.62) – awesome! Other swimmers who achieved 100 % best times were Maeve Murdoch (10), Sofija Raisys (12), and Michael Shum (12). Great work guys!