Swim Team News - June 17


Swim Team News – 6/17/14


Last Time Trials on Wednesday


Wednesday 6/18

8U @ 6:45pm,

10U @ 7:30pm

12U+ @ 8:15pm

We’ll have a short five-minute warm up before each session.


A Huge Team & Coaches Everywhere!

We have a huge team! With 70 - 8U swimmers and almost 60 - 10U participants, our workouts are feeling crowded. Starting Friday our 5-6 year old swimmers will have their own 30-minute practice, which will help out our 7-8 year old practice. We’ll try and have 5 or 6 coaches on duty for both the 8U and 10U workouts as well.

Morning workout times are as follows (starting this Friday) –

13-18             7:15 – 8:15 AM

11-12             8:15 – 9:00 AM

9-10                9:00 – 9:45 AM

7-8                  9:45 – 10:25 AM

5-6                  10:30 – 11:00 AM



 “Mini-Meet” on June 24th.

All of our 8U and 10U swimmers will have their own “mini-meet” next Tuesday.  It starts at 6:00pm and should end by 8:00pm.  Kids should arrive by 5:30pm for warm-up. All participants will have the opportunity to swim up to four events, including relays. There will be ribbons and snacks available as well.


Race Classes/Swim Lessons

Most swim team members still participate in either swim lessons or race classes. While we do try and cover all of the strokes and skills in workout, the smaller class sizes of our lesson program (and our great instructors) can really make a difference. Check with any of the coaches or office staff about which lesson your child should sign up for.  Register for lessons at the pool office.


Saturday Clinic Schedule

Pre-Register in the office to reserve your spot!

$10 per swimmer.

6/21 - Diving/Starts

6/28 - Diving/Starts

7/12 - Diving/Starts

7/19  - Turns/Technique

7/26 - Strokes/Race Strategies


Tie Dye Party

Tuesday’s tie-dye party will be a blast! If didn’t order a shirt, you can still participate. Just bring a plain white t-shirt and we can use it. Tie-dying will occur after each morning practice.


Volunteering at Meets

We need your help! If your child is swimming, please plan on putting in some volunteer hours. We need 36 timers for each home meet, plus 20-25 additional volunteers to help with data, ribbons, officiating, and even helping guide children to the blocks. You will be able to sign up either online or at the pool. Look for the “job signup” buttons on the website next to each swim team event. Jobs should be posted by this weekend.


Swim Team Dues Reminder

Fees are $130 per swimmer or $300 per family. Also remember to fill out your SSSL paperwork and concussion form. Swimmers will not be allowed to compete in meets until the SSSL form is completed. Please remember to log in to our website to complete all league and club paperwork, even if you have paid by check in the office!


Practice Helpers

We’d like to “link-up” our oldest and youngest swimmers. One idea is to have some of the seniors come by the 8U & 10U practices and join in. The younger would sure get a kick out of this.  We could also use the older kids as examples when we are teaching new concepts. Interested swimmers should email Coach Matt to find a day that works for everyone.


Age Group Photographers

Monica Edwards is planning on putting together a video for our end of the season banquet. She’s looking for volunteers to help take pictures of each age group throughout the season. If you are interested in helping out, please email her at to let her know.

Email Addresses

If you want notices sent to a different email, or to additional addresses, please log into our website and make changes, or send a message back to me at Also, if you know anybody that we’ve missed on this distribution list, please let us know.

If you have any questions whatsoever about our team please feel free to ask.


Thanks – and see you at the pool!


Coach Matt