CHS Athletic Booster Club Volunteer Hub Now Open

From the CHS Booster Club:


Last year, you and the Boosters raised enough funds, thanks to your hard work, time, and efforts, to bring in more than $215,000 in revenue, that was paid-out directly to your Centerville teams and athletics!!  The distributions from that revenue include over $60,000 given to your students' teams directly, $55,000 towards the new CHS weight-room improvement project, and nearly $65,000 towards the current reconstruction of the CHS Stadium home-side concession stand that a lot of you will be working in this fall!  These distributions were a direct result of the time that you put in as volunteers.  Your commitment to help is directly helping your students and making changes around Centerville athletics.  Thank you!!  Hopefully you met some new friends, and reconnected with others along the way.  


It's that time of year again.  All of the volunteer positions for your sport have been posted for this year on Volunteerhub.  Volunteerhub is a web-based program that manages volunteer sign up for our Fall football, soccer, and other events.  If you have used Volunteerhub in the past, you can use your existing login information.  There's a reminder set of instructions for you return users, below.


If you have not used Volunteerhub before, please go the website and register.  It is imperative that you choose “Swimming/Diving” as your event group (or add it to your event groups if you will be signing up for multiple sports), OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE THE VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES THAT ARE AVAILABLE FOR Swimming/Diving.
Once you have registered, you will be directed to the volunteer opportunities that are available and you can sign up accordingly.  Volunteerhub will remind you of the event a few days before the event, but be sure to mark your commitment on your calendar.


To sign up for events for other sports or for the Athletic Booster Club to work the football or soccer concessions, please go to the Volunteerhub website and sign in using your existing account.  If you have forgotten your username/password, please email Chris Lameier at [email protected], and he will retrieve your username and reset your password.


If you are now volunteering for a new sport (for example, your Senior Baseball player has graduated, and now you're signing up on behalf of your Freshman Swimmer), please contact Chris, and you'll get switched over.


For general questions directly associated with Volunteerhub, please contact Chris Lameier at [email protected].  For all team/volunteer-related questions, please contact me, Jenn Fullenkamp at [email protected]

Thanks again for your time, and let's go break some record$ this year!