Get an Early Start on Your Swim and Dive Volunteering!

Hi Parents!


As in the past, the Swim & Dive team helps the CHS Athletic Boosters with Football and Soccer games.  This year we have only 2 dates to cover and the first date ( Sept. 5)  has already been filled.  Our next job is to fill 16 slots for the Oct. 10 home football game concessions (some have already been filled).  This will be a lot of fun as it will be manned by all Swim & Dive parents.  In addition, filling a volunteer slot for the CHS Athletic Boosters counts as one of your FIVE volunteer commitments for the Swim & Dive Team.

Remember, to sign up for this volunteering you go to the Athletic Boosters VolunteerHub site which is different than our swim & dive site.  (See below for instructions.)  In order to receive credit for volunteering, you must sign up on the CHS Athletic Booster’s Volunteerhub  and you must check Swim/Dive Team option when registering for the event.

If you are now volunteering for a new sport, (for example, your Senior Baseball player has graduated, and now you're signing up on behalf of your Freshman Swimmer), please contact Chris Lameier (listed below), and you'll get switched over.

For general questions directly associated with Volunteerhub, please contact Chris Lameier at [email protected].  For all team/volunteer-related questions related to the CHS Booster Club, please contact Jenn Fullenkamp at [email protected].  For questions regarding the CHS Swim and Dive Team volunteering please contact Barb Swartz [email protected].



If you have not used Volunteerhub before, please go the website and register.  It is imperative that you choose “Swimming/Diving” as your event group (or add it to your event groups if you will be signing up for multiple sports), OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE THE VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES THAT ARE AVAILABLE FOR Swimming/Diving.
Once you have registered, you will be directed to the volunteer opportunities that are available and you can sign up accordingly.  Volunteerhub will remind you of the event a few days before the event, but be sure to mark your commitment on your calendar.


To sign up for events for other sports or for the Athletic Booster Club to work the football or soccer concessions, please go to the Volunteerhub website and sign in using your existing account.  If you have forgotten your username/password, please email Chris Lameier at [email protected], and he will retrieve your username and reset your password.