Aqua Club pool to remain open through January 15th 2015!

The Aqua Club board met last Monday, August 11th, and unanimously voted to keep the Aqua Club pool open through January 15th, 2015. This is uncharted territory for our club so please be patient as we quickly organize our fall schedule.  

As a current Aqua Club member here are some things you should know about this change:

  1. There will be no impact to our traditional summer schedule.
  2. There will be no additional member costs for those not participating in winter activities.
  3. There will be some new social events added through out the year.
  4. There will be a Sunday Open Swim available to all current Aqua Club members at no cost.

Some of you may be curious about the January 15th date.  This is the midway date between Aqua Club’s fall closing and spring opening. This date will give us an opportunity to assess how the past 4 months of extended pool use is affecting our finances, the overall wear and tear of the club, the neighborhood impact, etc.  The board will vote again as we near Jan. 15, 2015 to extend another 4 months which would take us right up to our typical summer opening.

Thank you for your support as we begin this adventure. Schedule and rates coming soon!!

See you at the Club,

Shannon and the Aqua Club Board of Directors