Staff Updates for 2014-15 Season

Staff Updates for 2014-15 Season

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all getting excited for the upcoming season.  As some have you have noticed we have made some moves on our Coaching staff and I wanted to share with you how it all looks.

The first move that triggered all of the change was our decision to have Andrew take a larger role in our dryland program.  He has designed the really successful program, but because of his abundance of "on deck" coaching time, he was limited as to how much time he could offer in the actual dryland practices.  For this season Andrew will only coach the Senior Prep group, which will free up more time to work with a wider range of swimmers with their dryland development.

Since Andrew will no longer be working with the Senior 2 and Senior 3 groups, we needed to find someone to lead these swimmers.  I looked within our staff to see if there was anyone who could fill his shoes, and I was happy to learn that Janna Hagensick really wanted to return to working with Senior swimmers.

Janna had done an amazing job with Gold and Blue groups last year.  Her Gold swimmers set multiple BCST records, and her Blue swimmers really improved their strokes and skills, with many of them graduating early from Blue to Champs during the season.  Janna is epitome of the teach first/train second coach.  She embraces the BCST philosophy of “a swimmer is limited by their technique”, so she is always on the lookout for swimmers in need of instruction.   But that doesn’t mean she can’t crack the whip.  She had been a senior coach at all her previous coaching stops, so the SR2 & SR3 swimmers are on notice that they will get pushed.

So Janna’s move left the Gold and Blue swimmers without a coach.  We did a nationwide search, and lo and behold we found the right person for the job in our own backyard.  We are thrilled to announce that former BCST swimmer Lee Rivers has joined our staff. 

Lee is a former BCST record holder who went on to attend Linfield College in Oregon.  Lee got his degree in English Literature and Secondary Education.  As a swimmers for Linfield, Lee made the podium in all of his events at his conference Championships, all 4 years. And for the past 4 summers Lee was Head Coach for Rolling Hills Swim Team.  Lee describes himself as a stroke technician, which is perfect for these two groups. 

Continuity for the BCST staff has been a big part of the team’s success.  Being able to reassign our staff to better play to their strengths will make us better.  And bringing in a BCST alum, who shares our same philosophy will make the transition smooth.