New BC Policies

As we start practice with the Senior swimmers tomorrow, I want to give all of you a heads up as to new policies the Bellevue Club has created regarding girls locker room use, and showering before practice.

  • Girls Locker Rooms: There is now a designated section in the girl’s locker room for swim team members.  The section is the day lockers in the 200 & 300 rows.  These lockers will be marked for swim team use during swim team hours.  These are the only lockers to be used by swim team members.
  • Showering: BC would like to cut down on the chemical use for the pool, so to help with this they would like all swimmers to shower before they get in the pool.

Please follow these policies, and help to keep the BC a wonderful place not only for the swim team, but for all of it’s members as well.