Blue/Orange 2014

2014 Blue/Orange Meet

The 2014 Blue/Orange dual meet lived up to its pre-meet hype.  While the Orange team (coached by Klaas Schenk, Dwayne Stewart, Danielle Palumbo, and Lee Rivers) looked as if they might have the slight edge on paper, the Blue team's coaching staff  of Andy Pym, Dwight Anderson, Janna Hagensick, and Andrew Nguyen clearly had the edge in charisma (the “it” factor, if you will).  The only question that remained was if that would be enough to tip the scales back in the Blue team's favor.

The Orange team fought bravely, but once the Blue team grabbed an early point lead, they never looked back.  The final score of 838 for the Blue to 746 for the Orange left head Orange Coach Klaas Schenk scratching his head, wondering what possibly could have gone wrong.  Whatever the answer, the blame clearly could not be laid on the BCST swimmers.  Swimmers on both sides showed little signs of off-season rust, competing hard and swimming fast.  Many swimmers already bested their times from last season, setting a positive tone for the rest of the season.  New BCST swimmers also impressed, and proved their presence will be felt for the rest of the year.  BCST has much to look forward to this season.

Several individuals enjoyed outstanding days, but look within the results and you see certain families establishing dynasties.  The Kim family was the only family with two Quadathlon champions, with younger sibling Andrew winning the 11 year old category, and older brother Brian winning the 12 year old division.  Two other families had three different children place in the top 5:  the Congers (Emma (9), JJ (12), and David), and the Elizarovs (Nick (13), Vlad (13), and Alex (14)).  Several other families had at least two swimmers finish in the top 6 overall standings. 

The breakthrough of the day might have belonged in the 15 and over men’s category, with Derek Wei stepping up to take first place honors.  A BCST veteran, Derek enjoyed an outstanding day, showing off his versatility and all around talent.  Congrats Derek!  And congrats to all BCST swimmers, both Blue and Orange, on a fantastic start to the 2014-15 season.

Of Course, the meet would not have been possible without the awesome BCST parent volunteers helping out and running a great meet.  Thank you especially to Jennifer Headrick for her work as Meet Director and Tom Matthess for handling Meet Referee duties!\



Top 6 Quadathlon Finishers


Girls 7 years

  1. Sophia Sunwoo
  2. Kelly Cho
  3. Cecilia Howard
  4. Trinity Lee
  5. Jordan Arnold
  6. Ashley Kwon

Boys 7 Years

  1. Leo Sato
  2. Charlie Valdman
  3. Benji Tan
  4. Carter Smith
  5. Ben Kralj

Girls 8 Years

  1. Lily Siripipat
  2. Hannah Stone
  3. Claire Fang
  4. Sophia Audia
  5. Odelle Hoang

Boys 8 Years

  1. Dylan Doan
  2.  Jacob Lee
  3.  Quinlan McCabe
  4.  Dane Padgett
  5.  David Lee
  6.  Tico Farinas

Girls 9 Years

  1. Kaitlyn Girotto
  2. Mitsuki Ito
  3. Gracie Hackworth
  4. Mia Avansino
  5. Emma Conger
  6. Alison Tan

Boys 9 Years

  1. Christian Koh
  2. Alfred Tan
  3. Tyler Quarterman
  4. Jaeyoung Choi
  5. Zachary Hur
  6. Andrew Xu

Girls 10 years

  1. Sandy Li
  2. Michelle Park
  3. Courtney Cross
  4. Rena Lee
  5. Jade Foltenyi
  6. Sarah Sherrer

Boys 10 years

  1. Charlie Arnold
  2. William Chun
  3. Ethan Audia
  4. Ben Kolpa
  5. Cole English
  6. William Burrows

Girls 11 years

  1. Lindsey Doherty
  2. Stella Oh
  3. Kynseth Mann
  4. Soleil Xie
  5. Kylie Doan
  6. Amelia Girotto

Boys 11 years

  1. Andrew Kim
  2. Nathan Lee
  3. Kevin Sato
  4. Johnathan Butler
  5. Alex Klinck
  6. Luca Pungan

Girls 12 years

  1. Katie Cross
  2. JJ Conger
  3. Alma Freeman
  4. Rachel Jin
  5. Kaly Rendel
  6. Nathalie Valdman

Boys 12 years

  1. Brian Kim
  2. Brandon Xu
  3. Gordon Kenny
  4. Ethan Tan
  5. Vincent Wei
  6. Kyle Lee

Girls 13 years

  1. Delora Li
  2. Rachel Nguyen
  3. Lydia Choi
  4. Megan Lowell
  5. Krista Kroiss
  6. Emiliya Jones

Boys 13 years

  1. Nick Elizarov
  2. Vlad Elizarov
  3. Philip Wang
  4. Noah Shauf
  5. Nate Robinson
  6. Killian Riley

Girls 14 years

  1. Ellie Williams
  2. Kellen Gibson
  3. Kie Ito
  4. Abby Heneghan
  5. Tatum Doke
  6. Tiffany Li

Boys 14 years

  1. Nathan Shao
  2. Henry Lucco
  3. Alex Elizarov
  4. Nikita Polykov
  5. Peter Wang
  6. Andrew Wang

Girls 15 and over

  1. Kathy Lin
  2. Christina Domanowski
  3. Elisa Fang
  4. Maddie Rainey
  5. Marley Cross
  6. Jayna VanStone

Boys 15 and over

  1. Derek Wei
  2. Jeffrey Li
  3. Willie Dittig
  4. Austin Barnard
  5. Thomas Eggenberger
  6. Tim Kralj


100% Best Times

Reetu Agnihotri

Charlie Arnold

Jordan Arnold

Ethan Audia

Mia Avansino

Grace Bauer

Lucy Benda

Olivia Berde

Rahul Bothra

Elizabeth Bruski

Will Burrows

Ariel Chang

Jaeyoung Choi

Kelly Cho

Ryan Chon

Sophia Coco

JJ Conger

Katelyn-Rose Crocker

Sophia-Marie Crocker

Mattia Da Fieno

Ethan Dang

Kaitlyn Dunphy

Cole English

Gabi Farinas

Tico Farinas

Jack Feller

Jade Foltenyi

Jenna Frazier

Kaitlyn Girotto

Gracie Hackworth

Jake Headrick

Karin Hellevik

Abby Heneghan

Cecilia Howard

Zachary Hur

Mitsuki Ito

Evan Kim

Christian Koh

Krista Kroiss

Jacob Lee

Joanna Lee

Rena Lee

Trinity Lee

Joseph Li

Sandy Li

Emma Liu

Quinlan McCabe

Theodora McCabe

Finn Murdoch

Stella Oh

Nate Robinson

Kevin Sato

David Sherrer

Ian Sherrer

Sarah Sherrer

Lily Siripipat

Maggie Straley

Kaili Tam

Alfred Tan

Marc Valdez

Katie Williamson