PSSC Decathlon

PSSC Decathlon 10/25/14

South Kitsap High School, Port Orchard, WA

The 2014 PSSC Decathlon was a blast, as things went off without a hitch, and minus a little rain this 10 & U travel meet seemed to be thoroughly enjoyed by all that participated. After meeting at the pool bright and early, we all climbed onto the busses to make our way to the Olympic Peninsula for a fun-filled day of competition and of course, ending our day with a visit to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

The swimmers that we brought to the meet outnumbered our competition and the final heats were primarily filled with BCST swimmers trying their best to bring home a trophy. Our swimmers are still continuing to sharpen their skills, but you wouldn’t have guessed that based on the amount of amazing races they put out as a whole. Special congratulations to Michelle Park who won the 10 & U Girls SCY Pentathlon, and to both Charlie Arnold and Lily Siripipat who set new BCST records in the 10 & U Boys 50 BR and 8 & U Girls100 IM respectively.

This meet was a huge success and another successful stop on the way to each swimmers end of season championship meet. We had a great time both on the bus and at the zoo. We look forward to doing this again next year!  A special thanks to all the parents who helped chaperone this worthwhile outing!

Top 6 Finishers:

Charlie Arnold: 1st 50 BR, 2nd 50 BK & 100 IM, 4th 100 FR

Sam Berde: 2nd 50 FR, 3rd 50 FL & 50 BK, 5th 100 FR

Ryan Chon: 5th 50 BR

Dylan Doan: 5th 50 BK

Anna Doherty: 5th 100 FR

Ben Gallup: 6th 50 BR

Kaitlyn Girotto: 1st 200 FR, 2nd 100 FR, 4th 50 FR

Gracie Hackworth: 6th 100 FR & 50 FR

Ben Kolpa: 5th 50 FR, 6th 100 IM

Jacob Lee: 3rd 50 BK, 4th 50 FL & 100 IM

Joanna Lee: 6th 50 FL, 50 BR & 100 IM

Kyle Lee: 1st 50 FR, 2nd 50 BK, 50 BR & 200 FR, 3rd 100 FR

Michelle Park: 1st 50 BR & 100 IM, 2nd 50 FL & 50 FR, 3rd 50 BK

Tyler Quarterman: 2nd 200 FR, 5th 50 FL, 6th 50 BK & FR

Gracie Shauf: 2nd 200 FR, 6th 50 BK

Lily Siripipat: 4th 50 FL, 5th 100 IM

Kaili Tam: 1st 50 BK, 4th 100 IM, 5th 50FL

Alfred Tan: 3rd 50 BR & 100 IM, 6th 100 FR & 50 FL


100% Best Times:

Charlie Arnold

Sam Berde

Sophia-Marie Crocker

Anna Doherty

Gabi Farinas

Tico Farinas

Ben Kralj

Matthew Kwon

Grace Larrabee

Kyle Lee

Camon Mann

Gracie Shauf

Campbell Smith

Sophia Sunwoo

Kaili Tam

Sydney Tam

Carson Wong