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SCSC Swimmers Attend College Dual Meet

On October 30, over 90 SCSC swimmers and coaches boarded two buses to attend the Stanford vs University of Texas dual meet at Stanford. Santa Clara swimmers were able to watch a collegiate swim meet and then spend time with coaches from both schools. We asked a few swimmers to provide feedback on their experience, and this is what we received:

"On October 30, 2014, the swimmers of SCSC went to Stanford University to watch a dual swim meet between two colleges: Texas University and Stanford University, courtesy of Santa Clara Swim Club. The meet was very exciting and they watched as the swimmers of both universities competed in grueling events, such as the 400 I.M. and the 1500 freestyle. As the meet carried on, the scores came down to a breath-holding tie. The determining and last event was a freestyle relay which resulted with Texas winning the meet. Although Stanford lost and Texas State won, the swimmers watched and experienced an actual college dual swim meet.
                        After the meet, the swimmers gathered into a group and sat down to listen as the head coaches of both universities came to talk to them. They listened as the coaches talked about eating diets their swimmers used, how important grades were to swimming, and the Stanford coach even told them about the hardest set he ever gave his swimmers. The Stanford coach also told them it was very rare to have a dual meet where the last point came down to the last second of an event. In the end, the swimmers not only got to watch some amazing swimming but, they also listened to both coaches and how they both succeeded in the world of swimming." - Nadia Spencer, Blue Bell
"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to watch a college swim meet. It was really exciting because it all boiled down to winning the last relay. All the swimmers were really fast... way faster than I can swim!  Both of the coaches said that you don't often see a meet that is decided by the final relay which means we were lucky to see it happen. I was surprised that the teams were so small and each swimmer had to be strong at multiple events.  I could not believe that we actually got to talk with the head coaches of Stanford and Texas! Both of the coaches gave really good advice on what to focus on in the future like working on my underwaters, being well rounded, and the need to get good grades. My favorite part was watching the last relay. Both teams were flying through the water! I thought the relay was a tie but Texas ended up winning by .04 seconds. Thank you again for allowing us to visit the meet." - Zachary Liu, Blue Bell
"The past week, we went to Stanford to watch the women's swimming (Stanford vs Texas). I learned many things about both teams. It was also very rare to see a meet that comes down to the final relay. Sadly, Stanford lost by 6 hundredths of a second! After the meet was over, both of the head coaches talked to us. They both talked mostly about studies. Stanford is one of the most presigious schools in the USA. That means in order to get a scholarship, I will need to excel in swimming and studies! Lastly, I had very fun!" -Atharv Patil, Gold Boys
"My experience from the Stanford/ Texas meet is that there are a few fun experiences. The bus ride was fun because we were speaking different languages on the way to the meet, and we sang different songs wildly on the way back. It was fun watching the swimmers swim their events because we got to cheer for them and we can see how they swam their events. The great part about cheering was that we got more energetic to cheer them on and we got to watch them swim to see any technique things they do so we can improve. One more thing I thought was fun was eating the delicious pizza and talking with teammates." - Ryan Wang, Gold Boys
"It was a very helpful experience since we got to see some great racing. We were able to learn from their race strategies and their wonderful team spirit. I also thought that the Stanford and Texas coaches were very helpful in informing us about what they look for in their swimmers, since most of us want to continue swimming in college. Overall, the dual meet was a great experience that all of us can definitely learn from." -Kaitlyn Wu, Performance Prep
"The Stanford vs.Texas meet was both an entertaining and educating experience. We got to watch collegiate level swimmers swim, and got to talk to our friends. I hope we get to do something like that again." - Camille Goenawan, Performance Prep
"I really enjoyed the opportunity to watch the Stanford vs Texas Dual Meet. Skipping a typical workout but still being able to learn about swimming was a nice little change in our workout schedule. After observing the meet and talking to the coaches, I realized that college swimming is not only something I should pursue but also something I should really look forward to. Overall, I felt that this trip to Stanford was a good learning experience as well and a good team bonding opportunity." - Caitlyn Koo, High Performance
"As a post-grad swimmer I thought it was a lot of fun to watch a college dual meet as a spectator. Although I have had plenty of experience swimming in collegiate meets, I was really interested in hearing what coach Capitani and Meehan had to say to the younger swimmers after the meet. I also thought the trip was especially eye opening for the older kids closer to college. Seeing Olympic and national caliber swimmers compete at an in season meet is a great way to show how it's possible for swimmers to focus on racing even when broken down from training. I would definitely be game to do this type of trip again!" - Eric Ress, High Performance (and 2014 NCAA Division I runner up in the 200 backstroke)