Pumpkin 400

Pumpkin 400

Pumpkin Pie never tastes as good than when flavored with the sweet taste of victory, so no wonder why kids never show up more focused or determined than they do when they show up for the Pumpkin 400.  Even sprinters can become distance swimmers for one day when a pumpkin pie is on the line.  Despite the conspicuous absence of certain parents and coaches from this year’s competition, there was still much drama surrounding the meet.  Still, we didn’t get to see anything quite as entertaining as last year’s epic die from Coach Andrew Nguyen. 

Several families stood out from this year’s results:  The Valdman’s distance swimming gene seem was on display as Nathalie took first place for the 12 year old girls, while young new comer Charlie made his Pumpkin 400 debut with a 2nd place finish in the 7 year old boys category.  The Elizarov’s reign of terror continued, as the three boys took first (Vlad), second (Nick), and third (Alex) in their respective categories.  The only family of the night to have multiple winners was the Girotto’s, as Kaitlyn took first place in the 9 year old division, while Amelia took the top spot for the 11 year old girls.  Other families with more than one top 3 finisher included the Conger’s (Emma and David), Cross’s (Courtney and Katie), Kim’s (Andrew and Brian), Mann’s (Camon and Kynseth), Quarterman’s (Nathan, Tyler), Sato’s (Leo, Kevin), and Sunwoo’s (Sophia and Mason). 

The night’s biggest drop belonged to Jaeyoung Choi, with the massive drop of 210.92 seconds, followed closely by Erin Harvey (-206.79), and Ashley Kwon (-191.58.)  For a list of the top ten time drops, and a full list of top three finishers by age group read on below.

All in all, it was another fun, successful Pumpkin 400.  Congratulations to all swimmers, both young and old(er), for your great swims.  Thank you for all to BCST boosters for running another great meet, and to all the parents who volunteered their time.  Thank you especially to Alexie Montaland for her work as Meet Director, and to Ted Wang for handling the responsibilities of Meet Referee.


Top 10 time drops

  1.  Jaeyoung Choi  (-210.92)
  2. Erin Harvey     (-206.79)
  3. Ashley Kwon  (-191.58)
  4. Reese Khosraw (-157.67)
  5. Kelly Cho (-153.87)
  6. Ariel Chang (-136.04)
  7. Zachary Hur (-121.01)
  8. Wonjoon Seo (-119.54)
  9. Rena Lee (-117.79)
  10. David Lee (-111.67)

Top Three Finishers:

6 Year Olds Girls:

  1. Gabi Farinas
  2. Harper Padgett

6 Year Old Boys:

  1. Daniel Lee
  2. Yijoon Seo

7 Year Old Girls:

  1. Sophia Sunwoo
  2. Trinity Lee
  3. Cecilia Howard

7 Year Old Boys:

  1. Camon Mann
  2. Charlie Valdman
  3. Leo Sato

8 Year Old Girls:

  1. Lily Siripipat
  2. Claire Fang
  3. Kelly Cho

8 Year Old Boys:

  1. Dylan Doan
  2. Mason Sunwoo
  3. Quinlan McCabe

9 Year Old Girls:

  1. Kaitlyn Girotto
  2. Mitsuki Ito
  3. Emma Conger

9 Year Old Boys: 

  1. Christian Koh
  2. Alvin Zhang
  3. Tyler Quarterman

10 Year Old Girls:

  1.  Sandy Li
  2. Courtney Cross
  3. Michelle Park

10 Year Old Boys:

  1. Charlie Arnold
  2. Ben Kolpa
  3. Matthew Li

11 Year Old Girls:

  1.  Amelia Girotto
  2. Soleil Xie
  3. Kynseth Mann

11 Year Old Boys

  1. Kevin Sato
  2. Tristan Haeger
  3. Andrew Kim

12 Year Old Girls:

  1. Nathalie Valdman
  2. Alma Freeman
  3. Katie Cross

12 Year Old Boys:

  1. Brian Kim
  2. Finn Heneghan
  3. Nathan Quarterman

13 Year Old Girls:

  1. Mari Nielsen
  2. Rachel Nguyen
  3. Sophia Coco

13 Year Old Boys:

  1. Vlad Elizarov
  2. Nick Elizarov
  3. Killian Riley

14 Year Old Girls:

  1. Kellen Gibson
  2. Tiffany Li
  3. Tatum Doke

14 Year Old Boys:

  1.  Henry Lucco
  2. Nathan Shao
  3. Alex Elizarov

15-18 Girls:

  1. Christina Domanowski
  2. Marley Cross
  3. Jayna VanStone

15-18 Boys:

  1. Stephen Boden
  2. Sam Patrini
  3. David Conger

19 and Over Women:

  1. Susan Pappalardo

19 and Over Men:

  1. Ed Switaj
  2. Todd Doherty
  3. Peter Trahms