BCST Struck by Thunderbolts

The revival of the Bellevue Club Swim Team vs Tualatin Hills Swim Club dual meet came to fruition this past Sunday at Hazen HS. The two strong Northwest teams hadn’t had a dual meet since 1998, so it was high time we get this fun event rolling again.

Well it wasn’t the fastest swim meet for both teams.  In fact it was one of the slowest performances both coaching staffs have ever seen.  It wasn’t that the swimmers weren’t trying, it just that mitigating circumstances affected their races.  What circumstance you say? Well please read the list of options:

A. Tired from difficult training the past two weeks

B. Illness

C. All the above

D. Sore hands from daily sun block application while on vacation

Even though the performances were by and large nothing to write home about, we still had to score the meet, and THSC came away with 295 to 188 point victory.  By winning they get to take the dual meet’s trophy back to Oregon, and the only way it’s coming back up to Bellevue is if we beat them.

Regardless, it was a fun time to get to race and train with our friends from Oregon.  A special thanks to all the BCST families that billeted the THSC swimmers.  Also, thanks to Jill Swaya, Colleen Pana, Avnish Patel and all the families who volunteered to make this a great experience for all!