Swim and Dive Food Donation List - Please Read

Happy New Year To All!

And here we go, time to wrap up  the swim and dive season.  A reminder for those who know and info for the newcomers; the Elks host 3 upcoming meets during which we run a concession stand and host a hospitality room for coaches, officials and volunteers.  Each swimmer and diver will be asked to contribute a food or drink item to these events.

BTW, If ANYONE has any connections to people/restaurants/and such that would be willing/able to contribute food, ice etc; PLEASE contact me.

Drinks can be delivered at the senior meet (preferred) or the first day of Classics. 

Please see the attached list for donations.  NOTE:  If your student's name is not on this list, you will be asked to contribute to the JV meet or Sectionals

Thanks to all!

Go Elks!

Terri Rodgers

[email protected]