BBST Swimmer Dies in Tragic Accident

Aly Fell, BBST swimmer, passed away after a tragic traffic accident on August 5th, 2009. Aly Victoria Yvonne Fell was an amazing person, athlete, and teammate.  She was ultra-dedicated and passionate about swimming, which was inspiring to everyone who knew her.  She was extremely hard-working and had an Olympic Gold Medal attitude.  Aly was impressive every single day at practice.  As a coach, she made it fun to show up at 5:30am everyday just to see what she would accomplish next. She was more impressive as a person.  Aly nurtured a family atmosphere within our team.  She genuinely cared about her teammates, and her numerous pool parties and activities helped create a super tight bond within the Senior group that will last for a long time.  It is the tight bond that Aly created that will help our team grow and work through this tragedy.  Todd Edison,  Bellingham Bay Swim Team