Hi all!

As mentioned earlier in the season, each athlete (swim and dive) is asked to donate to either the Coaches Classic, JV GWOC or Sectionals.  Donations are used for both the Hospitality room or the concession area.  Attached is the donation request list for this weekend’s Sectional meet.  Please bring your item(s) to the activity room (across from the pool) after 1 on Friday unless Saturday is specified.  And, please be sure to scroll down as there are about 45 names on the list.

PLEASE NOTE:  Even if your athlete is not participating this weekend, your name could be on the list.  This is a huge event and we need your support.  If you are unable to provide the requested item, please let me know so that I can be prepared.  Also, if you contributed to Classic (January 17-18) or JV (Feb. 7) and you are on this list, you did not get checked off the list.  I’m sorry if that happened…just let me know. 

Sectional Donation List


Thanks in advance,


Terri Rodgers

[email protected]