Blue/Orange 2009

Sad news for Klaas Schenk, for the first time in his illustrious career he suffered back to back defeats at the BCST Blue/Orange meet. His 30 reign at the helm of BCST has had many ups and very few downs, but this one seems to have him spiraling into the depths of the darkest regions of his soul looking for answers.

The cause, a spirited group of Blue swimmers who managed to win 9 of the 12 events offered. But the meet was by no means a walkover against the feisty Orange swimmers. The final team score was Blue 1304 – Orange 1216 which is relatively close, and in fact the Orange and Blue teams evenly split the high point award winners as well. Congratulations to Will Paxton (8), Rachel Nguyen (8), Maija Ninness (9), Will Wick (9), Kristin Jradi (10), Thomas Eggenberger (10), Marley Cross (11), David Conger (11), Lianna Sutich (12), Daniel Sandler (12), CC Hagen (13), Ed Kim (13), Makena Sutich (14), Joe Walsh (14), Erin MacLean (15+), and Taylor Seidel (15+) on winning High Point trophies.
60 BCST swimmers also managed to get 100% best time – Nice work Ed An, Sean An, Owen Benda, Ellie Bernstein, Katherine Bower, Claire Cheung, Madeline Chin, David Conger, JJ Conger, Allie DeCastro, Griffin Donaldson, Thomas Eggenberger, Blake Evans, Jack Feller, Hannah Geffe, Kellen Gibson, Katie Groesbeck, Austin Gu, Connor Guhlke, Kunal Gupta, Rahul Gupta, Sarah Harrison, Ayana Hellevik, Espen Hellevik, Lauryn Hepp, Conrad Karwal, Lainie Kettering, Emily Kim,. Nadav Kolodner, Zohar Kolodner, Amy LeBar, Dana Lee, Ryan Leslie, Yasmin Luthra, Gillian Matthes, Erin McAllister, Maria McMillan, Noel Mitchell, Evan Moline, Maeve Murdoch, Leo Ngo, Rachel Nguyen, Maithili Patel, Will Paxton, Michael Peck, Lauren Ralph, Jamie Reid, Killian Riley, Brian Ruggles, Daniel Sandler, Simon Sharp, Ian Sherrer, Christopher Shin, Emily Swaya, Aria Tabatabai, Carly Tudor, Joelle Tudor, Blake Ueda, Karsyn Wallace, Hannah Walsh, Joe Walsh, James Watson, Spencer Weiskopf, Drake Willard, Rory Willard, Anna Wohlman, Emma Wrightson, and Graham Wrightson.
Once again the BCST Boosters, Officials, and parents hosted a great meet that ran seamlessly. It takes a lot of hard work to host a meet for 250+ swimmers, but our parents make it look easy.   The only casualty seemed to be that of the Orange Team’s Head Coach. An emotional Klaas Schenk was unavailable for comment following the meet. Instead he simply hopped in his supped up Honda and headed south to lick his wounds.