'Go For The Gold' meet is available for Sign-Ups!

’Go for the Gold’ meet information has been posted on our website. For those swimmers eligible to participate in this meet  please sign up on line.

Swimmers in the following groups are eligible to participate:   Bronze, Silver,  Orange and all Gold  swimmers.

The ‘Go for the Gold’ meet is designed primarily for those swimmers who have had limited opportunities to compete. Some of our swimmers have not yet competed in events greater than 25 yards. Jumping up from 25’s at summer league to 50’s is a big step. Racing 100’s can be even more intimidating! Many don’t realize that they swim 100’s in workouts almost every time they come. This may/will help the kids realize that they ‘CAN DO’.

For many swimmers going to a meet at another pool can create some anxiety. Competing in their own pool can/may help keep our kids in their comfort zone. What we’re trying to do here is ease your swimmers into competition. At these events it’s not about winning, it’s about ‘getting up on the blocks’. Do they have the confidence to get up on the blocks?
Swimmers, parents and coaches will be asking themselves throughout the season are our kids getting better? Can they get up on the blocks? Are they building their level of confidence? Are they getting faster? Can they maintain their stroke? Can they complete their events without getting disqualified? This will provide some answers.
It’s the first of many ‘baby steps’.  We hope to see you at the pool.

Workshare will be offered at this meet! Keep checking the website and your email!