October Challenge


October Challenge


On October 17th and 18th  Bellevue Club swimmers returned to familiar Hazen High School, where just two weeks earlier Head Coach Klaas Schenk , at the BCST blue/orange meet, had lost in consecutive years for the first time in his BCST coaching career. Still reeling from his stinging defeat, the grizzled veteran of coaching approached this meet determined to erase the painful memory.


The Bellevue Club swimmers did not disappoint.  With an overwhelming 270 swimmers entered in the meet, Bellevue Club swam easily onto victory, beating visiting Issaquah Swim Team by a score of 2,824 to 2,068.  


Several BCST swimmers swam to first place finishes.  Personal bests were occurring at an eye popping rate, with 54 swimmers finishing the meet with 100% best times.  Several more swimmers walked away with PNS or Sectional qualifying times.  If this meet was any sign of things to come, BCST has a very impressive season of swimming ahead of them. 


The effort in the pool was matched by those of the parent volunteers on the deck, running the kind of smooth and efficient meet that has come to be expected when the Bellevue Club boosters run a meet.  Thank you to all the parents for giving your time over the long weekend.


But in the end, it was the expression on the face of the BCST head coach that told the story of the meet.  He smiled as he walked proudly out of the pool and into the cold October night, his once shaken confidence restored, his faith in life intact.


Those who achieved 100% best times include:


Jane Anderson, Sean An, Paloma Baca, Eliza Badiozamani, Elle Bailey, Jake Beauchamp, Ryan Bodiford, Cole Brittain Catlin, Lauryn Brittain Catlin, Mia Chasan, Sam Chong, Sophia Coco, JJ Conger, Cailin Day, Todor Dimitrov, Griffin Donaldson, Mitchell Eggenberger, Blake Evans, Jack Feller, Rahul Gupta, Sarah Harrison, Arielle Isaacs, Cole Johnsen, Conrad Karwal, Nadia Kelson, Galya Kolodner, Zohar Kolodner, Amy Lebar,  Peter Litzow, Linnea Luthra, Olivia Manning, Maria McMillan, Haley Mowat, Maeve Murdoch, Naomi Ngo, Will Paxton, Abigail Paxton, James Richardson, Valentina Sakellariadis, Daniel Sandler, Graeme Sharpe, Ian Sherrer, Coy Stocks, Ruby Stocks, Max Thornton, Maia Tucker, Carly Tudor, Emily Van Maren, Phillip Wang, Maddie Wick, Will Wick, Drake Willard,  Rory Willard, Emma Wineland, Kevin Zhong