Training Schedule Modified: Friday, November 6th


Training Schedule Modified: Friday, November 6th.
Due to the ‘Go for the Gold’ color group meet scheduled for this coming Friday, training schedules will be modified as shown here.
The Meet warm up starts at 7:00pm and the meet begins at 7:30pm.
All scheduled groups will have workouts, but the times may be modified.
Middle School    6:00-7:15am
Orange-am       6:30-7:45am     
Senior-1            3:30-5:00pm      DL 5:30-6:00pm in the AS
Senior Prep       5:00-6:00pm      DL 4:15-4:45pm in the AS
Sectional           5:00-6:00pm      DL 6:15-6:45pm in the AS
Senior-2            6:00-7:00pm      DL 5:00-5:30pm in the AS
Middle School    6:00-7:00pm     
Since all the color groups will have the meet (starting at 7:30pm) the afternoon workout sessions will be focused on preparing the swimmers for their meet: coaches and swimmers will concentrate on starts and turns in all the strokes plus a general warm up. While the workout is optional all swimmers are encouraged to attend. This meet is sanctioned and times will count. Go Color Groups!!!
Gold                  3:50-5:00pm     
Bronze              4:50-6:00pm
Silver                5:50-7:00pm
Meet Warm up  7:00-7:20pm
Meet Starts        7:30pm