Pumpkin 400


Pumpkin 400

The subplots to this year’s Pumpkin 400 were many.  Tensions were high, and with good reason.  The winner of each age group was awarded a pumpkin pie, and nothing brings out a meaner, grittier competitive edge than when a pumpkin pie is on the line. 

 The first event set the tone for the rest of the evening.  In a classic bout between two heavyweights of competitive swimming, Ian Fisk out touched Stevie Sholdra by .61 seconds after 400 meters of neck and neck racing to win the Men’s 15-20 category. 

 In the over 20 category, cultural grudges were settled, with the United States getting the short end of the stick.  Canada ’s Chris Chalmers won the event, followed by the Pride of Italy himself, David Stanchi. Rounding out the top three was Ian Wrightson of England .  In the women’s category senior assistant coach and Chinese product Marissa Chang took top honors. 

But clearly the emotional
high point of the evening was the inspiring effort turned in by Coach Andy Pym. The swim was a portrait of courage, characterized by the determination and stubborn “refuse to quit” attitude that has become synonymous with his name.  Galvanized by the roar of the crowd, Andy finished strong after falling behind early and finished with a time of 4:57.26.  Immediately after exiting the pool he was greeted by Daniel Sandler who asked, “Who am I rooming with in Oregon ?”

It’s fun to see how much improvement takes place over the course of the year.  Looking over the results of especially those ages ten and under, you can see it in the incredible drops of time, sometimes more than one minute faster than they were the year before.  Congratulations to all for the big time drops and to the triumphant pumpkin pie winners of the 2009 Pumpkin 400!     -Dwight



Pumpkin pie winners:

8 & U:  Paloma Baca, William Paxton

9:  Maija Ninness, AJ Rossman

10:  Jessica Mead, Todor Dimitrov

11:  Marley Cross, Nolan Manning

12:  Lianna Sutich, Daniel Sandler

13:  Caitlin Cox, Ed Kim

14:  Makena Sutich, Sam Chong

15-20:  Meghan O’Keefe, Ian Fisk

21 & Over:  Marissa Chang, Chris Chalmers