Swim and Dive Food Donation List- Please Read

Happy New Year! 

Each year our team hosts three major meets that include a
Concessions stand and Hospitality for the guest coaches, volunteers and staff. 
The concessions are our major fundraiser and each swimmer and diver will be
asked to contribute a food or drink item.   Please note that it is important
that the item be delivered and your name checked on the list to receive credit
on the specified date.

If ANYONE has any connections to people/restaurants/and such that would be
willing/able to contribute food, ice etc; PLEASE contact me.

Drinks can be delivered at the Senior night meet (preferred) or the first day
of Classics.

Please see the list HERE for donations.  NOTE:  If your student's name is
not on this list, you will be asked to contribute to the Jim Matson meet or

Thanks everyone!
Renee Clement