UPDATED NWAG "Last Chance" Email Entries Explanation

With the meet a week earlier than last year please note the following:


Swimmers who achieve a first-time individual 2016 Northwest Age Group Regional qualifying time from Thursday, March 2, 2016, through Sunday, March 6, 2016, may enter the meet via the Email Entry Form included in the meet announcement.

Be sure to indicate whether or not the swimmer was entered into the meet through OME, especially if originally entered as a relay-only swimmer, as this will affect the fees due by the deadlines listed on the form.

This form may not be used to

  •  update a previously-entered time as all times entered through OME will be considered final as of the close of the OME entry window
  •  replace a previously-entered event with a different event; i.e., if a swimmer has been entered in a daily maximum or the meet-maximum number of events through OME, this form cannot be used for event swapping
  •  add a relay event
  •  add a relay-only swimmer as all relay-only swimmers must be entered and paid for through OME

As most individual preliminary events will be pre-seeded, all entry times will be checked against USA Swimming’s SWIMS database very early Tuesday morning. Please work with your LSC’s SWIMS Coordinator (or the SWIMS Coordinator of the LSC in which the meet takes place) to ensure that these “last-chance” entry times get into SWIMS.

We will attempt to acknowledge receipt of email entries and notify senders of email entries of any problems, but cannot guarantee such communications since we cannot predict the response to this new opportunity.

Please note that a 15-18 swimmer who achieves a first-time 2016 Speedo Sectionals cut during this “last chance” window becomes ineligible to participate in the Northwest Region S C Age Group Championship, even as a relay-only swimmer.