Swim Team News 5/27/2016


 Swim Team Registration and Meet Declaration


A reminder that online swim team registration is open - 

Just a click away.....


This is also a great time to do a calendar check. All of our swim meets are listed as "events" on our website. Look for conflicts now (vacations, concerts, family activities, etc.).



You will need to declare which meets your children are participating in.


ONLY SWIMMERS THAT DECLARE THEIR INTENT TO PARTICIPATE WILL BE SCHEDULED!  Please take a few minutes and register for each event as soon as you can.


After logging in and registering for the team, click on the Event title and look for the Attend/Decline Button. The next screen will show you all of your athletes. Select a name and then the declaration drop down. This screen also allows you to send a message to the coach concerning the meet (late events only or leaving early, etc.). You can change this declaration up until a few days before the meet. Any last minute changes should be emailed directly to the coaches.

• All of our 8 year-old swimmers (and an occasional 7 year-old) make up our “traveling squad”. Younger swimmers only participate in home “pre-meets” from 4:15 – 5:00pm. Let me know if you have any questions about which meets you child should participate in.

• Reminder – Swimmers participating in Prelims or North Finals must also be available to also swim at the All City Championship meet! 

• Time Trials - Try and register for at least one of our Time Trials meets. This is our chance for the kids to establish their initial times for the season.

We've had a great first few days. Looking forward to next week and the return of the sun!

Thanks –

Coach Matt