Swim Team News 6/7/2016


Swim Team News – June 7, 2016

Welcome to the 2016 season. We’re off to a great start. With so many new families this year, it’s been quite an experience just getting to know all of the new swimmers. We have almost 60 8 & under swimmers – many who are brand new to swim team. We’ll try and have at least five, and sometimes six, coaches on deck for the younger workouts.

Dues Reminder - Pay your swim team dues by June 15 to receive a discount off of your swim team fees. Early payment dues are $130 per swimmer or $310 per family. Regular fees are $145 per swimmer or $330 per family. Register online by clicking the Swim Team Registration button on our homepage.

Confirming Meet Participation - Remember that this year you must also register your swimmers for meets. This is new for us, but many other teams and coaches in our league have found this to be very efficient. You can do this all at once (in one sitting) or just respond to the individual emails that are sent out 8-10 days before each meet. The mobile interface for this is a bit clunky, but the process is pretty smooth on a desktop. Click on the Events Button on our homepage, and then on each individual meet to declare your child’s participation. You can change this declaration up until three days before the meet. Let me know if you have any trouble with this process or any other questions!

7 & Under Swim Team – Most of our 5,6, and 7 year old swimmers only participate in time trials, our mini-meet, home pre-meets, and the SSSL “B-Champs” meet at the end of July. This gives a total of eight swim opportunities.

Time Trials – 6/11, 6/16, 6/18

Mini-Meet – 6/21

Home “Pre Meets” – 6/23, 6/28, 7/12, 7/19

SSSL B Champs – 7/22

Dates to Remember

June 11 (Saturday) – Time Trials I*

June 16 (Thursday) – Time Trials II**

June 18 (Saturday) – Time Trials III*

  *Warmup @ 7:30am, 8U @ 7:50am, 10U @ 8:30am, 12U+ @9:15am

** Warmup @ 6:45pm, 8U @ 6:55pm, 10U @ 7:40pm, 12U+ @8:20pm

Please try and attend at least one of the Time Trials. We like to have an initial time for your swimmer in all of the events.  First year swimmers are not required to swim every stroke.

June 21 (Tuesday) – Mini Meet (All 8U & 10U swimmers)

            Warm up @ 5:20pm, meet starts at 6:00pm. We should be finished by 8:00pm.


Volunteering – We need at least 60 adult volunteers for every home meet. When you confirm your swimmer for a meet, please remember to also sign up to help. All of the jobs are pretty basic, but very essential to running a smooth and efficient meet. You also get some of the best seats in the house! If you have questions about timing (our largest need), here is a document that helps explain what you need to do.


Team Suits & Gear – Sylvia’s Swim Shop will be at this Saturday’s Time Trials. Stop by the clubhouse between 8:00am and noon. There will be samples of Team Gear (shirts, sweats, bags, etc.) for you to preview, and additional swimming merchandise for sale. The online Aqua Club Team Store should be up and running by early next week!


Workout Times –

Once we move to our day workouts (starting June 27) our practice times will be as follows –

7:15-8:15am               13 +
8:15-9:00am               11–12

9:00-9:45am               9-10

9:45-10:30am                         7-8
10:30-11:00am           5–6



Saturday Stroke Clinics – We have four more classes this year. Sign up in the office to reserve your spot. Cost is $10.

6/25 (Saturday) - Diving/Starts

7/9 (Saturday) - Diving/Starts + Turns

7/16 (Saturday) – Turns

7/23 (Saturday) – Turns

Race Classes/Swim Lessons – Most of our younger swim team members still participate in either swim lessons or race classes. While we do try and cover all of the strokes and skills in workout, the smaller class sizes of our lesson program (and our great instructors) can really make a difference. Check with any of the coaches or office staff about which lesson your child should sign up for.

Age Group Photographers/End of Year Slideshow – Have a nice camera (or even just a phone) but not sure what to do with it? We’re looking for volunteers to photograph age groups at meets for our year-end slide show. We also need someone who is interested in putting this year’s slide show together! Let Monica Edwards know if you are available.

Email Addresses – If you want notices sent to a different email, or to additional addresses, please log into our website and make changes, or send a message back to me at Also, if you know anybody that we’ve missed on this distribution list, please let us know.

If you have any questions whatsoever about our team please feel free to ask!


Thanks -