Washington Open Meet Info
Washington Open Meet
  • January 21-24, 2010
  • Use the links for information!

  • The BCST has 45 participants in the meet.
  • The meet starts on Thursday with the 1000 Free: we have no entries in this event.
    • Keep in mind that we will be hosting a 1650 free Hazen following the Snowflake Classic. Signups end on Monday, January 25th.
  • This is a prelim/final meet.
  • It’s important that you check with your coach before leaving the pool following your prelims events.
  • Swimmers qualifying for finals are expected to participate. If you are unable to swim in finals talk with your coach, if you still can’t swim finals be sure to scratch.
  • Rules for prelim/final meets: ‘no shows’ for finals are out of the meet.
  • Checking in for events is the responsibility of the swimmer. The following event swimmers will need to check in.
    • We have no swimmers in the 1000
    • Check in for the 500 Fr and the 400 IM is at 9:30am on the day of the event.
    • Check in for the 1650 is at the start of event #32 (200 Breast). 11:00am should be good.
  • Prelims Warm ups          Friday thru Sunday 8:00am 
  • Meet starts                      Friday thru Sunday 9:30am

  • Finals Warm up              Friday & Saturday         4:00pm       Sunday 3:00pm
  • Meet                               Friday & Saturday         5:30pm       Sunday 4:30pm
  • Thanks to the timers who have already signed up. At this point we have remaining time slot available: Friday, 9:00am-12:00pm (3 hours). Check our website.