To:         PNS Coaches & Teams

From:    Suzanne Rychlik, General Chair

Re:         Use of backstroke wedges at 14 & under PNS champs


As you may know, KCAC has recently upgraded/replaced the starting blocks and procured some backstroke wedges.  There have been some conversations floating around about the use of the backstroke wedges at our upcoming 14 & under PNS champ meet this weekend.  At this time, PNS has decided we will NOT use the backstroke wedges for the 14 & under PNS champs meet this weekend. However, they will be available for use at the Washington State Senior meet the following weekend.  

The reason for this delayed implementation is that we want to make sure the roll out of the technology goes well and the use benefits the athlete rather than cause greater safety and/or timeline issues.   We feel that the best place for a good percentage of our athletes, coaches, parents (timers!), and officials to get experience with these is at the Washington State Senior Champs where this level athlete is a little easier to ‘train’ and test out protocol for implementation.  We will use the senior champs meet to gather data and then technical planning and the Officials committee will work together to develop a policy for use at PNS meets.   

If you would like your 14 & under athletes to practice with the wedges, we will have them available for practice during warm-up of the final sessions of the meet this weekend.  This will be discussed at the coaches meeting. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this approach, please contact me at   If you have feedback for the use of the wedges in PNS meets at WKCAC (including long course meets, development meet, age group meets, championship meets, etc.), please let John Skroch  know so it can be added to the discussion at TPC in January.  

Thank you so much for understanding!  Looking forward to amazing swims the next two weekends!