2010 Boys HS State

BCST High School Boys had tremendous success at the 2010 High School State Meet this past weekend.  BCST High School JR’s Ethan Hallowell and Jimmy Deiparine each can claim the title of state champions as Ethan won the 3A 200 Free and 100 Free and Jimmy won the 3A 100 Breast.  Both of Ethan’s times qualified him for Automatic All American.  High School SR Ian Fisk also achieved an All American Time in the 200 Free, and an All American Consideration in the 100 Free.  Below is a list of all the BCST swimmers who placed in individual events.



Robbie Adler (SO) 7th 100 Breast

Eric Benca (JR) 11th 200 Free & 5th 100 Free

Michale Bower (SO) 12th 200 IM &  13th 500 Free

Sam Chong (FR) 13th 100 Breast

Jimmy Deiaprine (JR)    10th 200 IM & 1st 100 Breast

Luke Duschl (SO) 14th 200 IM & 9th 100 Back

Ian Fisk (SR) 2nd 200 free & 100 Free

Ethan hallowell (JR) 1st 200 Free & 1st 100 free

Duncan Howard (SR) 15th 50 Free

Quinn Markwith (SO) 7th 100 Fly & 15th 100 Back

Evan Moline (JR) 12th 100 Breast

Kyle Moline (JR) 9th 100 Fly

Taylor Seidel (SR) 5th 200 IM & 4th 100 Back

Styeve Sholdra (SO) 2nd 500 Free & 9th 100 Breast

Eric Stadius (SR) 10th 100 Back

Paolo Stanchi (JR) 3rd 200 IM & 5th 100 Back

Geoffry Stokes (JR) 13th 200 IM & 3rd 100 Breast

Matthew Wiens (SR) 8th 200 Free & 6th 500 Free

Andy Wingerson (JR) 2nd 200 IM & 4th 100 Breast



Kyle Komlodi (SR) 10th 200 Free & 4th 100 Back

Alex Palumbo (SR) 14th 200 Free & 10th 500 Free