WA State Senior Champs

Washington State Senior Champs saw a lot of success for the Bellevue Club Swim Team. So much so that I actually read the results file – there was a lot worth paying attention to! Even though I wasn’t there I can see from the results, the attitude of the kids upon returning, and coaches’ gossip that it was a fun, successful, and impressive meet to be a part of. I’m proud to write about the achievements for you all.

First, congratulations to all the relay teams who placed and scored points for BCST: All of our A & B relays scored points. Shout out to the Women’s 800 Free Relay for their 2nd place finish and the Women’s 400 Medley Relay for their 4th place finish. On the men’s side the big ups go to the 2nd place finish by the 200 Free Relay and 3rd by the 400 Medley Relay. Good job, teams!

            Before I dive into the long list of individuals who crushed their best times I think four in particular deserve to be shouted out for doing so with style: Will Crewe and Martin Wu of the National Group and Nate Robinson and Todor Dimitrov of the SR Performance group all walked away from KCAC with 100% best times. Will dropped almost 10 seconds in his 200 fly to crush a 1:56.59 and managed another 3 seconds in his 200 IM to go a 1:56.20, 12th place finish, and grab some points. Martin dropped in all his events – none of them freestyle – and put on a show with a 6 second drop in the 400 IM and a 1:58.66 200 fly. Nate rocked the long-axis strokes, dropping in the 50 and 100 frees and the 50, 100, and 200 backs. Most notable he dropped almost 4 seconds in his 200 back, breaking 2 minutes with a 1:57.78. He also broke :50 in his 100 free – dropping 3 seconds for a :49.87. Todor shaved some time off of his 50s and 100s free & back and dropped almost 3 seconds in the 200 back for a 2:00.82. Congrats boys – we’re proud of you.

            We are also extremely proud of the following swimmers who had stand-out swims with more than impressive time drops. Andrew Boden went broke :22 and paced 5th in his 50 with a 21:54, and dropped a tiny bit to place 4th in his 500 with a 4:38.94. Mia Chang dropped 5 seconds in her 200 breast for 2:31.13. Mitchell Eggenberger dropped over 5 seconds and broke 2:00 in his 200 IM for a 1:56.71. Amelia Girotto smoked some distance freestyle over the weekend, scoring points and dropping 28 seconds in her 1000 and 54 seconds in her mile – crazy. Erin Harvey dropped 4.97 seconds in her 200 IM for a 2:11.33 and came out of nowhere in her 500, dropping 26 seconds for a 5:14.31. Rachel Jin dropped 5 seconds in both her 200 back & 200 breast for a 2:12.99 and 2:28.52 respectively. Brian Kim put on an IM clinic, dropping 5 and 7 seconds in his 200 & 400 medleys. Christopher Leu broke 5:00 in the 500 freestyle, finishing well under the mark with a 4:55:55. Delora Li dropped some time and scored in both her 100 breast and 100 fly, and dropped almost 5 seconds in her 200 breast to score with a 2:24 flat. Henry Lucco showed some kids how to race the 200 free, finishing 2nd with a 1:40.27 and putting up big points.

Keren Makhervaks showed how tough she is and dropped over 8 seconds in her 400 IM. Kyle “Million Dollar” Millis strutted his stuff in the 200s free & back, finishing 3rd in the back with a 1:50.89 and over a 4-second drop. James Richardson put up yet more good 200s, scoring in the 200 back with a 5 second drop, breaking 2:00 in the fly with a 7 second drop, and bringing home some points in the 50 back with a 24:62. Killian Riley kept things simple with some quality freestyle: scoring with a 50 second drop in the 1000, getting more points with a 25 second drop in the mile, a 1:46.84 200, a 22.73 50 free, and yet more points in the 500 with a 4:44.92. Abby Roth dropped almost 20 seconds in her 1000 and scored major points. Nathan Shao came up big in the points department with huge numbers for the 50, 100, & 200 free and a showing in the 500. Noah Shauf dropped 5 seconds in his 200 back. Sam Shauf led his brother to the wall with another big drop in the same event. Aneta Wyzga dropped 5.86 seconds in her 400 IM to finish with a 4:36.93 and scored points there and in the 200 & 500 free.

These are a few of the stand-out results I found but there are much more time drops and good finishes than I listed above. This was a very good meet for everybody there and is a good sign for a strong March championships across the board. Keep up the hard work and continue showing us the many reasons why we are the best team in PNS! Go BCST!

-Coach Lee