work party dates scheduled!

Aqua Clubbers,


We are 1.5 weeks from Opening Day!!


This is just a reminder that we have our last work party this weekend!!  Do a sun dance or a no rain dance Friday night!


When:  Saturday, May 13th, 9 AM - 1 PM



Things that need to get done this weekend:

Please bring wheelbarrows and rakes to help with the following

  • Spread Gravel in lower lot
  • Spread mulch

Bring Power washers for the following

  • Bleachers
  • Rest of baby pool
  • Deck
  • Entrance

Other things that need to be done

  • Clean deck furniture
  • Clean garbage cans
  • Scrub locker room walls
  • Showers
  • Pull out mats and scrub both sides
  • Clean floors without mats
  • Scrub lounge  chairs
  • Scrub gutters and gray caulking
  • Scrub baby pool
  • Switch/clean out lockers
  • Wash windows office
  • Wash lower windows clubhouse
  • Paint blue wall

Thank you to all who showed up 2 weeks ago. We got a ton done! Looking forward to seeing more of you this Saturday!