BCST 10 & under Shine at Pentathlon
BCST   Ten & Unders Shine at the Pentathlon Meet
Tensions were high at the Ten and Under Pentathlon, held March 15th at the Hazen High School pool. The kids arrived at the pool and you could tell something was in the air, like there was more on the line at this meet than at others…that the kids were a little more focused than usual. Perhaps that was because the top 6 finishers in each every age category were rewarded with something every young athlete covets….a trophy.

The racing was fierce and competitive all morning. There were moments of elation after great swims where a lot of time was dropped and propelled a swimmer into contention, and there also moments of disappointment after adding time or a DQ hurt others chances. At the finish though, the kids, coaches, and parents enjoyed another fun day at the pool. 

Congratulations to all the swimmers who bettered their times, won trophies, or just showed up and competed hard!

The meet ran smooth as silk. With 218 swimmers all participating in 5 events, we still managed to finish the meet in 4 hours and 20 minutes. Mike Howard, meet referee, ran a great meet, with the help of key volunteers including Jeff Lowell- computer; Marne Baca- clerk of course; Padraic Riley- announcer; Jennifer Paxton- head stager; Mary Manning- hospitality; and Rebecca Thornton and Melissa Ralph- concessions (to name a few).   Meet director Colleen Lowell received a great deal of positive feedback.

Swimmers with 100% best times: Sean An, Ellie Bailey, Jimmy Butler, Kian Cooney, Mathew Davidson, Cymi Giri, Emily Kim, Emma Wineland

Top 6 finishers:

8&Under Girls
Megan Lowell (2nd)
Nathalie Valdman (3rd)
Sophia Coco (6th)

8&Under Boys
William Paxton (1st)
Michael Peck (2nd)
Sean An (5th)
Phillip Wang (6th)

9 year old Girls
Tesslyn Matthes (5th)

9 year old Boys
Henry Lucco (3rd)

10 year old Girls
Yasmin Luthra (1st)
Abigail Paxton (4th)
Erin Harvey (5th)

10 year old Boys
Christopher Shin (3rd)