Team Effort Places BCST 5th at A.G. Sectionals!


BC Swimmers Outstanding At Age Group Sectionals
1,317 athletes, from 143 teams across 7 different states gathered at the King County Aquatic Center March 19-21 for the 2010 Age Group Sectional Championship swim meet. The culmination of months of hard work and preparation for everyone participating, the meet was full of memorable moments for swimmers from all teams, but for Bellevue Club Swim Team swimmers especially.
Bellevue Club not only enjoyed a weekend where our swimmers had a fantastic percentage of best times, but one where we had several standout performances from individual champions and from relays alike. In the end Bellevue Club finished in fifth place overall, nearly squeaking by the two teams in front for third.
The coaching staff would like to congratulate all the swimmers who participated in the meet. Age Group Sectional time standards are not easy ones to attain and you should all feel very proud of the hard work you have put in, and in the accomplishments that have come as a result.
Additional congrats go to Ed Kim (14). While powering his way to 5 individual wins and one, second-place effort, Ed established 6 new team records and one PNS record. Ed (along with teammates Sam Chong, Michael Shum, Austin Ralph and Michael Stanchi) was also part of two BCST record setting relays in the 13-14 age group 200 and 400 medley relays.
As a team the BCST swimmers best time percentage at this meet was a very good 66%.
Great meet and Fantastic season BCST swimmers!!!
Swimmers with 100% best times: 
Marley Cross, Thomas Eggenberger, Ed Kim, Lynden Kuwada, Yasmin Luthra, Nolan Manning, Jessica Mead, Evan Moline, Madelyne Mooers, Cyssi Ngo, AJ Rossman, Steven Ponnoosamy, Daniel Sandler, Michael Stanchi, Ben Whitty, Dane Williams.
Top Eight Finalists:
Sam Chong: (4th 100 breast, 8th 50 free)
Marley Cross: (1st 100 free, 4th 50 free, 6th 200 free, 8th 100 back)
Elisa Fang: (4th 50 breast)
Michelle Francios: (5th 1650 free)
Ed Kim: (1st 50, 100, 200 free, 100 back, 200 IM, 2nd 100 fly)
Evan Moline: (2nd 100 breast, 3rd 200 breast)
Mel Notari: (6th 100 fly)
Steven Ponnoosamy: (4th 100 fly)
AJ Rossman: (3rd 50 fly, 5th 100 back, 7th 50 back, 7th 100 fly)
Daniel Sandler: (4th 1650 free)
Michael Stanchi: (2nd 500 free, 4th 200 free, 5th 100 breast, 5th 200 back, 8th 100 back)
Lianna Sutich: (4th 50 fly, 6th 100 fly)
Ben Whitty: (1st 100 breast, 2nd 50 breast, 4th 200 IM, 4th 100 IM)
Top Eight Relay Finishes:
Girls 10&U 200 M.R.: 5th (Yasmin Luthra, Megan Gass, Jessica Mead, Carly Tudor)
Girls 10&U 200 F.R.: 6th (Yasmin Luthra, Maija Ninness, Jessica Mead, Carly Tudor)
Boys 10&U 200 M.R.: 1st (Max Cross, Ian Sherrer, AJ Rossman, Dane Williams)
Boys 10&U 200 F.R.: 1st (Dane Williams, Chris Shin, Patrick Hanson, AJ Rossman)
Boys 10&U 200 F.R.: 5th (Max Cross, Henry Lucco, Ian Sherrer, James Markwith)
Girls 11-12 200 M.R.: 8th (Elisa Fang, Leah Fisk, Lianna Sutich, Marley Cross)
Boys 11-12 200 M.R.: 6th(Daniel Sandler, Ben Whitty, David Conger, Loren Wallace)
Boys 11-12 400 M.R.: 6th(Marco Stanchi, Ben Whitty, David Conger, Daniel Sandler)
Boys 11-12 400 F.R.: 6th(David Conger, Marco Stanchi, Loren Wallace, Daniel Sandler)
Boys 13-14 200 M.R.: 1st(Ed Kim, Sam Chong, Austin Ralph, Michael Shum)
Boys 13-14 200 F.R.: 1st(Sam Chong, Austin Ralph, Noah Cross, Ed Kim)
Boys 13-14 400 M.R.: 1st (Ed Kim, Sam Chong, Austin Ralph, Michael Stanchi)
Boys 13-14 400 F.R.: 2nd(Sam Chong, Michael Shum, Michael Stanchi, Ed Kim)
Girls 15-18 200 M.R.: 3rd(Madelyn Mooers, Kelly Holton, Mel Notari, Samantha Simas)
Girls 15-18 200 F.R.: 7th(Mel Notari, Samantha Simas, Kelly Holton, Lynden Kuwada)
Girls 15-18 400 F.R.: 7th(Samantha Simas, Mel Notari, Lindsay White, Lynden Kuwada)
Boys 15-18 200 M.R.: 6th(Skyler Kersten, Evan Moline, Steven Ponnoosamy, Wesley Kim)
Boys 15-18 200 F.R.: 5th(Wesley Kim, Joe Mahan, Steven Ponnoosamy, Brian Ruggles)
Boys 15-18 400 M.R.: 8th(Wesley Kim, Evan Moline, Steven Ponnoosamy, Brian Ruggles)
Boys 15-18 400 F.R.: 6th(Steven Ponnoosamy, Joe Mahan, Brian Ruggles, Wesley Kim)