Division Champs Swimmers Score Well!!
Spring Divisional Champs 3/27-28

The last big meet of the 2009-10 short course season was just that. BIG!! 36 teams and 1,276 swimmers gathered at the King County Aquatic Season to cap off a season of hard work with one last short course meet. 

The twelve and under categories participated in a pentathlon format, in which the top eight qualifiers earned certificates for their performances. The 13 and over swimmers competed for the opportunity to qualify for finals; the top 24 earning second swims, with the top 16 scoring.

Bellevue Club swimmers swam fast and scored well. For the Twelve and unders, the motivation to finish in the top 8 propelled several swimmers into inspiring performances. The same can be said for the 13 and over swimmers, who when faced with the opportunity to compete in finals showed they could step up their performance and go faster than they ever thought.  

BCST finished the meet with a fifth place overall performance. Congratulations go out to all the swimmers who not only raced hard over the weekend, but trained hard all season long. The coaches are proud of all the hard work you’ve done!

Swimmers with 100% best times include: Will Bush, Hannah Castrogiavanni, Jaime Doucette, Kennedy Hart, Natalie Hayes, Jacob Hepp, Nadav Kolodner, Zohar Kolodner, Kristin LeBar, Peter Litzow, Gillian Matthes, Annalise Nahlin, Maija Ninness, Angela Palant, Phillip Wang, Emma Wineland, Anna Wohlman

Top Eight Pentathlon Finishers:

Megan Lowell (7th, 8&U)
Michael Peck (6th, 8&U)
Phillip Wang (8th, 8&U)
Maija Ninness (7th 9 yrs.)
Dane Williams (5th, 10 yrs.)
Maeve Murdoch (5th, 11 yrs.)
Cameron Hayes (5th, 11 yrs.)
Lauryn Hepp (5th, 12 yrs.)

Top 16 finalists (13&over):

Shannon An: 4th 200 free`                                                         
Will Bush: 8th 200 breast
Jaime Doucette:  1st 50 free, 5th 100 back
Natalie Fontana: 12th 200 back
Brooke Groesbeck: 16th 100 free
Connor Guhlke: 14th 200 back, 11th 100 free
Trey Leigh: 4th 200 fly, 12th 100 fly
Savannah Lemke: 7th 100 back, 6th 200 fly, 10th 50 free, 3rd 200 IM, 3rd 200 back
Peter Litzow: 2nd 200 fly, 16th 100 fly
Emily Olsen: 5th 100 back, 6th 200 back
Kiersten Picardo: 13th 200 back
Andrew Trinh: 4th 200 breast, 7th 100 breast
Emma Wrightson: 14th 200 breast