Dick LaFave lc Kick-off Meet
Dick LaFave Long Course Kick Off
On April 24th and 25th Bellevue Club swimmers traveled once again to the King County Aquatic Center for the seasons first long course swim meet: the Dick LaFave Long Course Kick Off.
Our swimmers showed little signs of rust coming off the recent spring break. Several swimmers enjoyed meets where they improved their times in 100% of their races. New swimmers who had never before raced long course emerged from the experience unscathed. All in all, the coaches were very pleased with the efforts and results of the swimmers.
Among the highlights included Nolan Mannings back to back 200 fly and 400 IM. Nolan had actually asked me several times if he could scratch his 400 IM, to which I unhesitatingly responded “No” every time. Unbeknownst to me, Nolan had actually been seeded in the last heat of the 200 fly and the first heat of 400 IM, back to back events. Nolan rose to the challenge. He pulled his battered body out of the water after his fly, walked wearily behind his block for the IM, and with the help of several BCST teammates cheering him on, courageously finished his race. Nice work, Nolan.
Congratulations also go to David Conger, who for two glorious minutes owned the meet record for the boys 11-12 100 fly. Having raced in the second to last heat, David shattered the record by over a second. Unfortunately, he then had to sit and watch a boy in the very next heat beat his time. Still, Congrats Dave.
Individual event winners included:
  • Nolan Manning (400 IM!!!!!)
  • Lianna Sutich (100 fly)
  • Dane Williams (400 free, 100 free)
  • Derek Wei (200 fly)
  • Will Wick (100 fly)

Swimmers with 100% best times:
Michael Badiozamani, Eliza Badiozamani, Sean An, Ellie Bernstein, David Conger, Todor Dimitrov, Jaime Doucette, Kellen Gibson, Cymi Giri, Katie Groesbeck, Austin Gu, Kunal Gupta, Patrick Hanson, Sarah Harrison, Cameron Hayes, Natalie Hayes, Jacob Hepp, Lauryn Hepp, Kristin Jradi, Amanda Karl, Kristin LeBar, Ryan Lei, Alice Li, Tiffany Li, Megan Lowell, Maegan Manning, Nolan Manning, Tesslyn Matthes, Erin McAllister, Christina Mcdermott, Zara Mcgrath, Maria McMillan, Maeve Murdoch, Cyssi Ngo, Leo Ngo, Maija Ninness, Maithili Patel, Abigail Paxton, Will Paxton, Henry Pratt, Sofija Raisys, Killian Riley, Ian Sherrer, Lianna Sutich, Emily Swaya, Kelli Taylor, Quinn Taylor, Joelle Tudor, Carly Tudor, Lauren Tudor, Blake Ueda, Megan Uribe, Peter Wang, Philip Wang, Derek Wei, Spencer Weiskopf, Ben Whitty, Dane Willaims, Ally Witham.