Marin Morrison, WEST, Makes 2008 Paralympic Team

Marin Morrison, WEST,  (with assistance from Bellevue Club), realized the first step of her Paralympic dream when she was nominated, along with 37 other athletes to represent the U.S. at the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing, China, September 7-17. You may have read in the newspaper or seen on the news, stories of the obstacles as well as the successes of Marin Morrison.  She is a young women with a very promising swimming career who was stricken with a brain tumor at age 14.  But her ailment has not kept her from pursuing her dreams.  Her family moved to Sammamish two years ago and she swims for Eastlake High School.  She is also being privately trained by the Eastlake head coach through association with WEST and The Bellevue Club.  Marin was recently selected to be on the US Para-Olympic team to compete in Beijing.  A benefit dinner was held on June 4th to help support Marin and her family in their battle with cancer and their journey to Beijing.