PNS Athletes to Olympic Trials in Omaha, NB

The Olympic Trials are coming up in Omaha, Nebraska June 29-July 6th, check here for the television schedule of the Olympic Trials. Congratulations and best of luck to all the Pacific Northwest Swimming registered swimmers who will compete in the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials. A few of the trials swimmers have been recently profile in the print and visual media.  Margaret Hoelzer - KING, Megan Jendrick - KING , Ariana Kukors - KING , Nathan Adrian - Unatt, Katie Kinnear - IST, and a photo collage of some of the PNS Olympic Trials swimmers... check it all out!  View the Trials Psych Sheet. Qualifying for PNS are the following:  Bellevue Club Swim Team: Troy Davidson (27);  Issaquah Swim Team: Katie Kinnear (13);  King Aquatic Club: Dannica Brennan (17), Kirsten Byers (20), Ted Harris (21), Jonathan Hiett (20), Margaret Hoelzer (25), Kim Jasmer (21), Megan Jendrick (24), Leona Jennings (17), Ariana Kukors (19), Mattie Kukors (16), Brianne Lindblad (18), Lindsey Marchand (17), Kevin Munsch (18), Scott Rice (22), Andie Taylor (16); Salmon Bay Aquatics: Lauren Hall (18); Amber McDermott (15), Annemarie Thayer (15); StingRay Swimming: Garren Riechel (16); Unattached: Nathan Adrian (19); Washington Aquatics: Jon Banker (21); Evan Bernier (21), Erin Campbell (20); Russell Mahan (19); Genevieve Patterson (22), and Lindsey Sharp (20), WAVE Aquatics, Megan Caylor.