CAT Meet 2010 Itinerary & More

Here's the plan for this weeknd's CAT meet.  Swimmers and parents should make contact with each other on the Sunday bus ride back for a more exact time of return.  Also, I have the rooming list attched, enjoy!

CAT Meet Itinerary


Saturday November 6th


Meet at the Bellevue Club Back Door                   1:00 pm


Depart for Corvallis                                          After buses are loaded


Arrive at Corvallis                                            6:00 pm


Pizza Dinner @ Hotel                                        6:45 pm


In Rooms                                                       8:00 pm


Bed Check                                                     9:00 pm


Lights Out                                                      10:00 pm


Sunday November 7th


Wake Up / Pack                                              6:00 am


Hotel Breakfast                                               6:30 am


Check-Out & Depart for pool                             7:00 am


Warm-Up                                                       7:30 am


Competition                                                    8:30 am


Lunch @ Pool                                                 12:30 pm


Depart for Bellevue Club                                   1:30 pm


Arrive at the Bellevue Club                                6:30 pm


Rooming List