Pumpkin Pies and the Pumpkin 400 Results!!
2010 Pumpkin 400
Another year, another Pumpkin 400. Pumpkin pies are never in greater demand in any place or at any time than by Bellevue Club swimmers this time every year. For at this time each year pumpkin pies become something more than a tasty dessert to have with whipped or iced cream, they become a symbol of something far greater: 400 freestyle supremacy. 

Lily Morris started off the meet in impressive fashion, dominating the 15-18 girls category. Never mind that she was the only one entered in the event. Her time of 4:40.71 was still very impressive.

Stevie Sholdra avenged his defeat by a half second last year by taking the men’s 15-18 category, inching closer to the 4:00 mark with a time 4:04.69. We expect that 4 minute mark to be broken next year, Stevie.

But this year’s most inspiring tale of redemption took place in the men’s 19 & over category. Kept off the medal stand in 2009, the Americans stormed back this year in convincing fashion, sweeping the top three places. “Big Ed” Switaj won the event, followed by fellow countrymen Roy Berg and Todd Doherty. Italy’s David Stanchi and England’s Ian Wrightson rounded out the top 5. 

Bellevue Club’s own Andy Pym was conspicuously absent from this year’s competition, prompting many to speculate why. Andy was unavailable for comment after the meet, leaving his 2011 status in doubt. Perhaps with a little encouragement from the membership he can be coaxed into stepping onto those blocks one more time.

Congratulations to all swimmers for another successful and fun Pumpkin 400 swim meet!  

Pumpkin pie winners:

8&under: Nathalie Valdman, Kian Cooney
9: Paloma Baca, Vlad Elizarov
10: Carly Tudor, AJ Rossman
11: Natalie Anderson, Martin Wu
12: Marley Cross, Loren Wallace
13: Lianna Sutich, David Conger
14: Naomi Ngo, Ed Kim
15-18: Lily Morris, Steve Sholdra
19&over: Sara Markwith, Big Ed Switaj