Important: Divisional Champs Info & Timeline!!

To:            BCST Swimmers participating in Divisional Champs!

From:        The coaches
Important Info About the Meet: Take the time to read this please.
The timeline is posted on our website, here’s the link: Divisional Ch. timeline.    Arrive early for warm-ups please.
13 & over swimmers
  • Will be swimming both days. Prelims and finals are scheduled.
  • The top 12 swimmers in prelims will be swimming in finals.
    • If you qualify for finals and don’t show up for finals you will be disqualifiedfrom the rest of the meet.
    • If you qualify for finals and don’t wish to swim an event in finals you must scratch the event at the clerk of course.
    • Also tell your coach if you do not wish to swim an event in finals, or if you can’t be there.
  • If you take a good look at the timeline you will note that the events will be back to back during finals.
    • Saturday finals last 43 minutes (on paper). Sunday finals are 54 minutes. Chances are that it will be a bit longer. Nevertheless finals will go quick and if you qualify for three finals you may wish to discuss dropping an event. Again discuss this with your coach.
  • Stay informed during the course of the meet.
  • Chances are that both Saturday and Sunday finals will start a bit later than the timeline shows
    • On Saturday, the 10 & under pentathlon which is scheduled to follow the 13 & over prelims is slated to finish at 4:43pm which does not leave a lot of warm-up time for the 13 & over finals if they plan to start at 5:00pm.
Listen for instructions and info during the course of the meet.
  • Prelim warm-ups for the 13 & over swimmers start at 8:00am both Saturday and Sunday. Line up behind the blocks 5-10 minutes prior to the start of Warm-ups.
  • For Sunday parking at Hazen do not park on the church lot.
  • Swimmers qualifying for finals will have time to relax between prelims and finals. Again check the timeline. 
10 & under swimmers
You will swim on Saturday between the prelims and finals of the 13 & over swimmers.
You will be participating in the pentathlon. Four 50’s (one of each stroke), plus the 100 IM. You will have a good time with this.
Per the time line, your warm up starts at 11:00am.
The meet starts at 12:00 noon.
Arrive early! Have a great time. Swim fast!
Age 11-12 swimmers
  • You will be swimming on Sunday between the prelims & finals of the 13 & over swimmers. You will also be swimming a pentathlon just like the 10 & under swimmers.
  • Warm up at about 11:15am, check the timeline. Meet at 12:15pm. Have Fun and Swim Fast!!!