FALL Divisional Champs, Dec 4-5, 2010

Fall Divisional Champs – December 4-5, 2010

Congratulations BCST swimmers for a great showing at Fall Division Champs!!! From 12 and Under Pentathlon competitors, to all the 13 and over prelim and finals swimmers, BCST finished off the first half of the short course season in style as swimmers raced their way to several best times, trophies and medals.

The work the kids have put in thru first few months to the season was evident, as the kids shattered previous personal bests, and in the case of many, walked away from this meet with their first trophy or finals race.

The coaches are very proud of the work you’ve put in to get this far. It’s time now to look ahead and start making goals for the end of the short course season in March. Keep up the great work BCST swimmers!

Pentathlon Trophy Winners:
8 & Under Girls                       
Katie Cross (2nd)                       
Alma Freeman (4th)
JJ Conger (5th)
Ellie Bailey

8 & Under Boys
Kian Cooney (6th)

9 Year Old Girls                      
Jane Andersen (3rd)                   
Megan Lowell (4th)
9 Year Old Boys                                              
Ruben Luthra (1st)                                              
Phillip Wang (2nd)
Jimmy Butler (3rd)
Killian Riley (4th)
Ben Tobin (6th)
10 Year Old Girls                     
Kellen Gibson (2nd)                    
Joelle Tudor (3rd)                       
Maegan Manning (5th)
10 Year Old Boys
Peter Wang (2nd)
Blake Ueda (4th)
Owen Benda (5th)
11 Year Old Girls                     
Abigail Paxton (1st)                    
Natalie Andersen (2nd)               
Kelsey Toefield (4th)

11 Year Old Boys
Mitchell Eggenberger (1st)
12 Year Old Girls                     
Annalise Nahlin (1st)                  
Samantha Shin (2nd)                  
Kennedy Elhajj (5th)
12 Year Old Boys
Andrew Barashkoff (3rd)
Espen Hellevik (5th)
Spencer Weiskopf (6th)

Top12 Finalists
Marissa Bennett (1st 50 free, 3rd 100 free, 10th 100 fly)
Allie DeCastro (2nd 200 back, 9th 200 IM)
Samantha Dimmer (1st 200 back, 5th 100 back, 7th 50 free, 12th 100 free)
Yaeli Egnal (3rd 100 back, 9th 50 free, 11th 200 free)
Brooke Groesbeck (1st 200 free, 2nd 50 free, 2nd 100 free, 4th 100 fly, 12th 200 IM
Chelsey Guhlke (5th 100 breast, 6th 200 breast)
Connor Guhlke (2nd 100 back, 5th 200 breast)
Tsukasa Ito (3rd 100 back, 4th 200 IM, 8th 50 free, 5th 200 breast, 6th 100 free)
Sunwoo Kim (6th 100 breast, 11th 50 free)
Amy LeBar (1st 100 back, 1st 100 free, 2nd 200 IM, 4th 50 free, 6th 100 breast)
Kristen LeBar (8th 100 breast, 7th 200 breast, 11th 200 back)
Trey Leigh (2nd 100 fly, 3rd 100 free)
Riley Martin (3rd 200 fly, 7th 100 fly)
Erin McAllister (9th 200 back, 10th 100 free)
Henry Pratt (2nd 100 breast, 6th 200 breast, 8th 100 free)
Isaac Smith (6th 50 free, 9th 200 free, 10th 100 breast)
Andrew Trinh (1st 100 back, 2nd 100 free)
Lauren Tudor (8th 200 back, 10th 100 back)
Emily Van Maren (2nd 100 breast, 6th 200 IM, 8th 100 back, 11th 100 free, 11th 50 free)
Maddie Wick (8th 200 IM, 11th 100 breast)

100% best times
Natalie Anderson                    Alex Klink                          Emily Swaya
Michael Badiozamani               Krista Klink                        Ben Tobin
Ellie Bailey                              Ben Lall                            Joelle Tudor
Lucy Benda                            Dana Lee                          Nicholas Valdman
Owen Benda                           Nathan Lee                        Karsyn Wallace
Jonathan Butler                      Alice Li                               Peter Wang
Brooke Chang                        Tiffany Li                            Barrrett Wohlman
Courtney Cross                      Lindsay Metz
JJ Davidson                            Gracie Montgomery
Allie DeCastro                         Henry Pratt
Kennedy Hart                         Matthew Shum
Tsukasa Ito                            Michael Simpson