BCST: 2nd Place at PNS 14 & Under Ch.
BCST: 2nd Place at
14 & Under PNS SC Champs
Congratulations to BCST swimmers for a tremendously successful PNS Champ meet! Fantastic performances were turned in all weekend long, shattering not only team records but PNS records along the way. BCST swam it’s way to a 2nd place overall finish, distancing itself from 3rd place Issaquah and 4th place Olympic Cascade over the course of the three day meet.

The fabulous performance of the BCST swimmers was matched by the BCST Booster Club who hosted this meet. These meets (for 800+ swimmers) require an incredible amount of volunteer time from all our parents: from the hospitality, the timers, meet marshals, awards people, announcers, the runners, the countless hours from the BCST officials as well as the officials from other teams, the pre-meet activity (processing entries, preparing heat sheets, sanctioning process, etc.). Congratulations to ALL!! Special thanks to the Meet Directors: Andy Francois-Dave Conger, and BCST Officials Chair and the PNS Champs Meet Referee, Connie Sholdra.

Included among the highlights:

  • Another dominant performance by Ed Kim. Ed not only won high point by winning all 6 of his individual events, He helped his 13-14 boy teammates sweep all 4 of the relays. Ed also broke PNS records in the 100 Backstroke and 100 Butterfly, and team records in the 50, 100, and 200 free, and 200 IM.  

  • AJ Rossman also won the high point award by winning all 6 of his individual events, and leant his hand to the winning 10&under boy’s relays. AJ set team records in the 50 and 100 backstroke, and helped set the PNS and team record in the 10 & under boy’s 200 Free Relay.

Three BCST relays set PNS (and team) records:

-The boys 10&under 200 free relay (Max Cross, Vlad Elizarov, Alex Elizarov, AJ Rossman)

-The boys 13-14 400 Free relay (Michael Stanchi, Michael Shum, Peter Litzow, Ed Kim)

- The boys 200 Medley Relay (Ed Kim, Michael Stanchi, Michael Shum, Peter Litzow)         

  • Team records were also set by the 13&14 boys 200 Free Relay and 400 Medley Relay (Michael Shum, Michael Stanchi, Peter Litzow, Ed Kim).

  • Other swimmers winning gold medals included Ben Whitty (50, 100, 200 breast) Marley Cross (50 free), and Carly Tudor (50 free)

All swimmers should be proud of their accomplishments not only at the meet, but in the work you’ve put in along the way to get there. Your coaches are very proud! 

Top 16 individual finishers:
Shannon An (16th 100 fly
Paloma Baca (16th 200, 500 free)
Michael Bondarenko (9th 50 fly, 13th 200, 500 free, 14th 50 free)
Madeleine Chin (7th 100 breast, 8th 50 breast)
Caitlin Cox (4th 200 back 7th 100 back, 9th 200, 400 IM, 11th 200 free, 16th 100 free)
Marley Cross (1st 50 free, 3rd 100 free, 4th 200 free, 5th 50, 100 back, 500 free)
Maxwell Cross (7th 50 free, 8th 100 back, 10th 50 back, 11th 500 free)
Noah Cross (15th 50 free)
Willie Dittig (15th 100 back)
Mitchell Eggenberger (15th 400 IM)
Thomas Eggenberger (16th 50 back)
Aaron Elhajj (2nd 50 back, 3rd 100 IM, 5th 50 free, 9th 100 back, 10th 50 fly, 12th 100 free)
Alex Elizarov (2nd 50, 100 free, 100 IM, 100 fly, 4th 200 IM, 5th 100 breast)
Nicholas Elizarov (8th 100 IM, 9th 200 IM, 13th 100 free, 15th 200 IM)
Vlad Elizarov (5th 200 free, 100 free, 50 fly, 9th 100 fly, 50 free, 16th 200 IM)
Elisa Fang (3rd 50 back, 50 breast, 4th 100 IM, 5th 100 IM, 6th 100 back)
Gabe Florsheim (16th 50 free)
Michelle Francois (13th 1650 free, 14th 500 free)
Kellen Gibson (16th 50 fly)
Katie Groesbeck (13th 50 breaststroke)
Austin Gu (15th 50 back)
Cameron Hayes (15th 50 free)
Espen Hellevik (11th 200 fly)
Ed Kim (1st 50, 100, 200 free, 200 IM, 100 fly, 100 back)
Ryan Lei (15th 100 fly)
Peter Litzow (13th 100, 200 fly, 14th 100 free)
Henry Lucco (13th 50 free, 15th 100 IM, 16th 50 fly)
Yasmin Luthra (15th 50 free)
Maegan Manning (16th 100 fly)
Nolan Manning (13th 200 breast)
Tesslyn Matthes (15th 50 free)
Cyssi Ngo (15th 50 back, 400 IM 12th 100 free, 13th 200 fly)
Naomi Ngo (12th 200 fly, 400 IM, 13th 200 back, 100 fly)
Rachel Nguyen (15th 50 fly)
William Paxton (16th 100 fly)
Dan Prang (13th 50 free),
AJ Rossman (1st 50 fly, 50 back, 100 back, 50 free, 100 free, 200 free)
Daniel Sandler (16th 1650 free)
Alex Seidel (10th 200 back, 100 back, 12th 50 free, 100 free, 14th 200 IM)
Sydney Seto (5th 50 fly, 10th 50 free, 13th 100 free)
Michael Shum (3rd 100, 200 breast, 50 free, 4th 100 fly, 6th 100 free, 9th 100 back)
Marco Stanchi (11th 1650 free, 15th 200 back)
Michael Stanchi (2nd 200 back, 3rd 500 free, 4th 200 free, 200 IM, 5th100 back, 8th100free)
Lianna Sutich (12 200 back, 13th 400 IM, 14th 100 back, 200 fly)
Carly Tudor (1st 50 free, 2nd 50 back, 3rd 50 fly, 4th 100 back, 8th 100 free, 100 IM)
Linnea Uyeno (6th 200 breast, 13th 100 breast)
Derek Wei (11th 100 breast, 12th 50 fly, 13th 200 IM)
Ben Whitty (1st 50, 100, 200 breast, 6th 200 IM, 100 IM, 12th 500 free)
Will Wick (8th 100 fly, 10th 50 fly, 12th 500 free, 14th 100 IM, 200 IM)
Markus Zimmerman (4th 200 free, 5th 500 free, 6th 50, 100 free, 11th 200 back)
Top Three Relay Finishers
-Girls 11-12 400 Medley Relay (3rd Marley Cross, Elisa Fang, Cyssi Ngo, Sydney Seto)
-Boys 13-14 400 Medley Relay (1st Ed Kim, Michael Stanchi, Michael Sum, Peter
-Girls 11-12 400 Free Relay (2nd Elisa Fang, Sydney Seto, Cyssi Ngo, Marley Cross)
-Boys 11-12 400 Free Relay (2nd Markus Zimmerman, Michael Bondarenko, Ben Whitty,
 Aaron Elhajj)
-Boys 13-14 400 Free Relay (1st Michael Shum, Michael Stanchi, Peter Litzow, Ed Kim)
-Girls 10&Under 200 Medley Relay (2nd Carly Tudor, Madeleine Chin, Rachel Nguyen,
 Joelle Tudor)
-Boys 10&Under 200 Medley Relay (1st Max Cross, Alex Elizarov, Will Wick, AJ
-Girls 11-12 200 Medley Relay (3rd Elisa Fang, Katie Groesbeck, Sydney Seto, Marley
-Boys 11-12 200 Medley Relay (2nd Aaron Elhajj, Ben Whitty, Derek Wei, Markus  
-Boys 13-14 200 Medley Relay (Ed Kim, Michael Stanchi, Michael Shum, Peter Litzow)
-Girls 10&Under 200 Free Relay (3rd Tesslyn Matthes, Joelle Tudor, Rachel Nguyen,
 Carly Tudor)
-Girls 11-12 200 Free Relay (2nd Sydney Seto, Elisa Fang, Cyssi Ngo, Marley Cross)
-Boys 11-12 200 Free Relay (3rd Markus Zimmerman, Michael Bondarenko, Ben Whitty
 Aaron Elhajj)
-Boys 13-14 200 Free Relay (Peter Litzow, Michael Shum, Michael Stanchi, Ed Kim)

100% Best Times

Shannon An             Kellen Gibson           AJ Rossman
Paloma Baca             Cameron Hayes        Sydney Seto
Jake Beauchamp        Espen Hellevik          Michael Shum                        
Michael Bondarenko   Tsukasa Ito             Michael Stanchi
Madeleine Chin          Ed Kim                    Carly Tudor
Marley Cross             Yasmin Luthra         Joelle Tudor
Willie Dittig               Maegan Manning       Ben Whitty
Alex Elizarov             Tesslyn Matthes       Graham Wrightson
Vlad Elizarov             Jessica Mead
Gabe Florsheim         Dan Prang