PNS Athlete Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1.

PNS Athlete Newsletter!

For those of you interested in learning more about our Pacific Northwest Swimming Association you definitely want to catch the first PNS Athlete Newsletter! None other than BCST's own Steve Sholdra headed the publishing of this first edition.

Before I go on here's the link to Steve's PNS Athlete Newsletter:  click here

Open up it up, you'll find some fun and interesting news, links to some outstanding videos of world caliber swimming, listings of the PNS All Star team, PNS National and Junior National Qualifiers, PNS Officers, detailed info about chocolate milk (fat free) as a great post training recovery drink.

Regarding the benefits of chocolate milk: Steve must have taken several gallons of the stuff following a recent training effort. Steve, a former BCST Paul E. Tsongas Bumblebee Award winner (2008), has been intrigued for some time by BCST coaches talking and reminiscing about past 'killer' workouts that senior swimmers have endured or attempted and have actually done. One such workout was completed by former BCST swimmer Ed Switaj, currently a BC member. The workout: a warmup followed by 10 x 1500 scm / 18:00. This equals about 9.3 miles. The send off alone for the 15,000 meters equals 1:12 per 100 sc meters!!!

'Talk' started again just before Winter Break. Rumors had it that Steve was going to do it and his send-off would be 17:59. A good day for this type of workout is probably around the end of the year or maybe the first day of the new year.

To get to the point, Steve did his workout on Saturday, January 1. With the help and encouragement of several of his teammates and even the swimmer (Ed Switaj) whose mark Steve was going to equal (or better), Steve swam his 10 x 1500 scm. Congratulations Steve!

You wonder how Steve found time and energy to write and edit his newsletter which came out just a day or two following his outstanding training effort.

It's late now and I'm tired, I'll just pick up some chocolate milk on my way home, I know I'll feel better.