Important Info from USA Swimming

 10/04/2010:  Important information regarding membership from USA Swimming
1.  All non-athlete members of USA Swimming must have satisfactorily completed criminal background checks and athlete protection education as required by USA Swimming.  - Criminal background checks EFFECTIVE DATE:  1/1/2011 note that the system is not yet set up and information will be forthcoming on the procedure/cost - for now IF you have a 2010 non-athlete membership please wait until the system is set up and information relayed to submit 2011 membership.  IF you need 2011 membership NOW (i.e., meet director, new official) I am able to enter your information into the database, but at this time cannot print membership card (hopefully system will accomodate printing card by mid October).  Athlete Protection Education - This spring, USA Swimming will launch online education programming for athletes, parents, coaches and volunteers.  The education is a REQUIREMENT for all non-athlete members, and is RECOMMENDED for all parents and athletes.
2.  Clubs are required to comply with USA Swimming pre-employment screening procedures for all new employees who are required to be members under 502.3 or 502.4.3 - EFFECTIVE DATE:  8/31/2011 information will be passed along when available.
3.  The creation of a new Article 305 Athlete Protection Policies which are mandatory components of the USA Swimming Code of Conduct  EFFECTIVE DATE:  R-19 1/1/2011, R-20 immediately, except as noted
4.  The creation of a new Article 306 Sexual Misconduct Reporting Requirements requiring members to report incidents of sexual misconduct by a member to USA Swimming's Athlete Protection Officer.
EFFECTIVE DATE:  R-21 immediately
5.  A coach member of USA Swimming must be at least 18 years old.  EFFECTIVE DATE:  1/1/2011