Renton Area Pools at Risk

12/06/2010: Chris Carlson, Renton Pools Community Organizer reports that this fall Randy Matheson of the Renton School District has hosted two meeting to communicate with the Renton pools community, one held at Lindbergh and one at Hazen. He told the community that RSD budget cuts will result in the continued reduction of funds to cover the gap between Lindbergh and Hazen pools’ revenues and expenses. It is clear that the community must lead the effort to find funds to fill this gap, and Randy pledged that RSD would support the community effort. The needed funds must be raised by summer of 2011.  A meeting will be held on December 8 at 6PM in the Hazen Library (2nd floor) to organize the Renton Pools Community. Chris Carlson will facilitate the meeting. This is not a question or answer session. If you are unable to attend, we plan to schedule another meeting at Lindbergh in January of 2011. There is a Renton Pools Community page on Facebook as a way to make information available. If you are a Facebook user, “Like” the page to receive notification of information posted on the page.