Pool Closure

Wanted to give you an update on the pool closure.  You may have noticed that the main pool has looked hazy and greenish for the last few days.  Water testing has shown that the pool has no algae (which many people suspected), but does currently have high levels of phosphates.  We have added a phosphate remover that will help to resolve the issue, however, the pool will remain closed until the clarity returns which can take up to a few days.

The Health Department has regulations that prohibit us from opening with the type of visibility we are currently experiencing. While the water is chemically safe for swimming, the lack of visibility makes it impossible for lifeguards to evaluate entire pool and thus the pool will remain closed until this issue is resolved for the safety of our swimmers.

Aqua Club Staff have been encouraging you to prevent this type of contamination incident all summer.  Things you should be doing include showering before entering the pool, using the bathrooms and encouraging your kids to use the bathrooms regularly, and not wearing street shoes on the pool deck.  Please see page 7 of the April Splash or ask a staff member for more information.