January Challenge Results Impressive!
January Challenge 1 / 15-16
Lots of best times and Sectional cuts were picked up as Bellevue Club swimmers shook off the post holiday rust and performed in impressive fashion at this January’s Challenge. Even without the help of Bellevue Club’s senior team, BCST still managed first place, distancing itself from second place WAVE Aquatics and third place Pro Club.

Congratulations to the swimmers for all the great swims! This was a great start to the second half of the short course season. Keep up the hard work as we continue the march toward the end of the season!

Team scores:     Click here for BCST Results
BCST: 9,222
WAVE: 7,148
PRO CLUB: 2,004

100% best times:

Michael Badiozamani   Kristen LeBar              Kara Spencer
Luke Beauchamp         Wynn McCaw              Marco Stanchi
Own Benda                 Christina McDermott    Carly Tudor
Sophia Coco               Gracie Montgomery      Andrew Wang
David Conger              Haley Mowat
Casey Daw                 Lucie Mowat
Todor Dimitrov            Abigail Paxton
Nick Elizarov               Portia Plaskon
Sarah Harrison            Dan Prang
Cole Johnsen              Zack Rossman