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Jeff Napolski


Jeff Napolski


Jacob Weber


Nancy Reese


Nancy Reese

Lead Coaches are a good contact source for parents with questions. Please talk to Lead Coaches before or after practice, or contact them via email. We ask that you do not try and talk to the coaches during practice while they are working with the swimmers. Parents are also never allowed on the pool deck unless they are volunteering as assigned at a meet.

In addition, Head Coach Nancy Reese, Head Age Group Coach Jacob Weber and Head Developmental Coach Jeff Napolski are all full-time coaches who can be contacted in the office. Their office hours are NOT typically 9-5, but if you send an email or leave a message they will get back to you promptly.


Links to important USA Swimming pages:

PARENTS click HERE      OFFICIALS (or potential officials) click HERE


Team Suits

When participating in meets (except for Developmental meets) all Coho swimmers must wear a COHO team suit and team cap. To purchase a team suit please visit the online Swim Team Store on the home page of this website or contact Team Store Director Dawn Dubow.