2012 Fee Structure

                    Club Fee     Coaching Fee     USA Fee*     Team Fee**       Total

1 swimmer    $75              $130                   $35               $35            =    $275.00

2 swimmers   $75              $260                   $70              $70            =    $475.00

3 swimmers   $75              $290                   $105            $105          =    $575.00

4 swimmers   $75              $320                   $140            $140          =    $675.00

*Seasonal swimmers only, year-round swimmers do not pay.

**Team fee includes team cap (latex), ribbons, individual trophy and swimmer incentives.


2012 Fee Structure – Year-round Swimmers

This fee is for swimmers who already belong to a year-round swim team and do not practice at Bardmoor but wish to swim for BAT in the various meets.

                      Club Fee                  Coaching Fee*               Team Fee**

Per swimmer   $75                          $40                                 $35                =     $150.00

*$40 year-round swimmers who ONLY swim meets and do not practice with BAT

**$35 entitles swimmer to team cap (latex), ribbons, individual trophy and swimmer incentives


IMPORTANT: All Invitational Meets and Championship Meets require entry fees. These fees are NOT included in the above registration fees. Meet entries and fee payments will be done on-line on the "Events" tab.

Each family will receive a password to logon and set-up meet fee payments.  Please follow the on-line directions for details on how to set up your account.  Parents will be responsible for submitting entries by the given deadlines for these meets. The accompanying fees will be collected electronically on the first of each month.

Swimmers with overdue accounts will not be permitted to enter meets until their account is paid in full.