"This is the best swim program!!!  I would highly recommend TFWSS to anyone looking for top notch swim instruction." 

~ Hope V.

"The instructors are always specific in their feedback and seem to have an expert level of knowledge about what they're doing.  They are always excited to see my girls and swimming is what my kids look forward to even though there are high expectations. :)"

~ Kristien B.

"True teaching.  The instructors are not just going through the motions!"

~ Julie V.

"Tori loves swimming lessons at TFWSS!  In fact, she already told us that she wants to be a teacher when she is older because the teachers there are awesome!"

~ Barbara J.

"We are beyond pleased!  Our daughter loves her swim lessons and instructor.  We wouldn't trust any other swim school for our only child.  TFWSS is the best!"

~ Nanette W.

"I already have recommended TFWSS!  It has been wonderful to see our son lose his fear of water and come to enjoy swimming.  I hope my husband and I can do lessons so we can become as confident in the water as our son already is!" 

~ Charlotte H.

"We went into the summer with a 3 year old that couldn't swim and we are finishing summer with a fish.  We have loved watching our son master the skills taught at TFWSS. Thank you!"

~ Charmaine P.

"After having tried swim lessons a couple of times in the past, you and your instructors are the first people who have the patience and knowledge to deal with her anxiety in the water".

~ Amy G.

"Charlotte has gone from not standing on the first step to asking to swim daily!  How exciting."  

~ Sarah S.

"Our son went from hanging on the side of the pool to swimming in 8 lessons!  Thanks!"

~ Tim K.

"My son went from being scared and dreading lessons, to excitement about coming to see James.  Never had a positive swim lesson experience until now."  

~ Heather F.

"Love the small class sizes and love the attention shown to kids.  Really enjoy the fact that we have interaction w/ owner.  Very pleased with classes."

~ Satisfied Parent

"We love how Sam looks forward to swim lessons.  We look forward to signing up for more classes."

~ Edith D.

"James helped me with my technique and he gave great hands-on instruction.  He always found new ways to approach the different strokes and helped me improve my stroke effectiveness. He has a great swimming mind and I always had the utmost confidence in what he told me." 

~ Daniel S.

"Cindy has been a wonderful and encouraging teacher for my daughter.  She made such great progress in a short amount of time.  I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone wanting to see improvement in their child's swimming abilities."                                        

~ Michelle S.

"Heather's kind and compassionate manner allowed my children to feel safe and confident as they were learning to swim"

~ Lynn

"Megan is patient, caring, gentle yet firm with her swimming techniques.  My son started with her at the young age of 2 and is a skilled swimmer at age 4 because of Megan's teachings."

~ Jen R.