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SCY, LCM, and overall records have been updated! Records broken since the last update are in a different color. Congratulations!                 

Short Course Yards Short Course Meters   Long Course Meters
Updated 7/2019 Updated 6/2019 Updated 6/2019

Overall Team Records SCY/LCM/SCM
updated 7/9/2019

Please let us know about your verifiable record swims, and they will be posted here!  Records are for Short Course Yards (SCY), Long Course Meters (LCM), and Short Course Meters (SCM), swum in sanctioned USMS or USA-S competition.

Please click on the previous links to read the files of Manatee record swims in order of age group.  The files are in pdf format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar to view them (get Adobe Acrobat Reader here). 

Swimming events are listed in the center, women’s events on the left-hand side, and men’s events on the right-hand side.  Records for each event are listed by swimmer name, the time in which the event was swum, and the date of the meet on which the event was swum.   Our data is limited and is especially weak prior to the mid-1990s. 

If you find a mistake or you have a swim record that we have not recorded, please send an e-mail to Jen Brakeman at or contact a coach.

Keep up the great swimming!