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13.0- 14.9

The Pre-Senior group continues the gradual building of workout intensity as swimmers progress. Swimmers maintain focus on stroke technique, body position, and kicking to set themselves up for future success and to limit injuries. The primary focus of these groups is to improve stroke skills, technique, and speed. Development of a competitive attitude for the sport is also an important focus. Swimmers know junior and senior qualifying times and begin to take responsibility for their own success as well as that of their team.

Pre-Senior swimmers have a competitive swimming background, and need additional stroke, technique, and speed work. We recommend Turquoise swimmers attend 3 to 5 practices a week. These swimmers attend all levels of competition according to each one's level of speed or ability.

Entry-level expectations for Pre-Senior swimmers:

  • Able to complete the following set:
    • 8 x 50s freestyle @ :55
    • 8 x 50s back dolphin kick with fins @ :55
    • 8 x 50s kick @ 1:05
    • 8 x 25s scull @ :45
    • 4 x 100 IM @ 1:55
  • Pre-Senior swimmers should also have knowledge of Jr.National group entry times to potentially crossover.

Sites Available: Gunderson High School